AUSTRALIAN EMU (2018-) by the Perth Mint


AUSTRALIAN EMU (2018+) by the Perth Mint Never let it be said that the Perth Mint doesn't know how to do a bullion coin featuring one of the wild and wonderful creatures that populate their homeland. Building a solid reputation on the backs of their now seminal Koala, Kookaburra and Kangaroo ranges, they've branched out with renewed vigour into the limited mintage bullion market with a range of distributor exclusive series. This one here is handled by Metal Market EU in Europe and is called 'Australian Emu'. Launched in 2018, it's recently enjoyed a [...]

PREHISTORIC LIFE (2020-) by Emporium Hamburg


2020-23 PREHISTORIC LIFE by Emporium Hamburg Never let it be said that we don't love a good dinosaur coin here, and that goes double for a keenly priced bullion coin. One of Emporium Hamburg's ranges, alongside the hugely popular Somali Elephant and others, Prehistoric Life debuted in 2020 with, of course, a coin depicting that biggest of dino stars, Tyrannosaurus Rex.The coin looked good, although like many bullion series, early renders were a little crude. Having seen the coin in hand, it's actually a very nice piece. The design, on this and subsequent issues, is [...]

PREDATORS EXTINCT (2020) by AllCollect


2020-2021 PREDATORS: EXTINCT by AllCollect An interesting, if pricey addition to the limited mintage silver bullion market, AllCollect’s ‘Predator’ series was an eclectic mix of subjects from the natural world, brought to life with a mix of finishes on the same face. As you know, we love the prehistoric world here, so this newer companion series is off to a flying start, It's great to see some real effort put into each design, as well as the eschewing of all the usual subjects for some rarer ones. Sure, there’s a Spinosaurus and a Megalodon, but there’s [...]



CHINA'S FAMOUS VINTAGE: DRAGON DOLLAR RESTRIKES (2018-2021) by LPM Group LPM's delve into Asia's numismatc past with its 'Dragon Dollar' series of eight rounds is a unique opportunity to look at one of the fastest growing areas of classic numismatic collecting - late 19th/early 20th century Chinese Dragon Dollars. Beginning to command some seriously impressive six-figure prices at auction, the type is still settling down as far as definitive values go. Many of the originals, while often produced in big numbers, are exceedingly rare, so the chance of coming across one is fairly unlikely. [...]

AUSTRALIAN SHIPWRECKS (2019-2021) by the Royal Australian Mint


AUSTRALIAN SHIPWRECKS (2019-2021) by the Royal Australian Mint Quite the surprise on its debut, the Royal Australian Mint's new Australian Shipwrecks bullion coin featured a couple of design choices not normally associated with this traditionally conservativbe mint. Quite apart from the fact the RAM had only recently jumped into the bullion market with both feet, after years of just dabbling, the choice of a triangular format was a brave one. The first time we've seen a triangular denominated bullion coin from anyone, that alone gives this series some kudos amongst collectors. The theme of [...]

QUEEN’S BEASTS (2016-2021) by The Royal Mint


QUEEN'S BEASTS (2016-2021) by The Royal Mint The Royal Mint was never one of the more adventurous producers of bullion coins, relying for a long time on its core Britannia and Sovereign ranges to carry the day. In a rapid turnaround starting in 2014 with the launch of the first Shengxiao Lunar, the mint has greatly expanded its selection with multiple series now making up part of the annual release calendar. The most popular, and impressive of these is Queen's Beasts. The Queen’s Beasts were sculpted by James Woodford RA for the coronation ceremony [...]

TOKELAU SEALIFE (2014-) by Highland Mint


TOKELAU SEALIFE (2014) by Highland Mint A twelve-coin bullion series that issues a single design every year, Tokelau Sealife debuted in 2014 to a mixed reception. Buyers seemed to like the design, but there were soon comments regarding the quality of the prooflike coin circulating around the forums. This resulted in a change to a satin finish, seen as a way of minimising the look of flaws. Fortunately, the series quality picked up rapidly, keeping the satin finish until 2020, and while these are not struck to the same standard as a Perth Mint bullion [...]



MANDALA WILDLIFE (2018) by APMEX With the trend for different designs on bullion coins continuing apace, accelerated perhaps by the rising price of precious metals as we write, we're seeing a variety on offer that is greater than ever. Best of all, there is a greater appetite for risk, with styles and subjects that would normally be considered too out of the mainstream, getting a shot. On of those is the APMEX-distributed Mandala Wildlife. Dipping it's toes into both the wildlife and the cultural genres, the series takes a simple depiction of, to date [...]

PREDATORS (2019) by AllCollect


2019+ PREDATORS by AllCollect Not a name you would traditionally expect in the bullion coin market, AllCollect is a European producer known for its more exotic style, employing unusual techniques for its issues. They're particularly known for their minigold, huge art issues, and as one of the first to enter the now burgeoning modified bullion coin market, with their pretty 'Golden Enigma' series. Obviously, their foray into bullion was going to be a bit different. At it's core, 'Predators' doesn't stray far from the formula used by others in recent years. One ounce of fine [...]

CHISELLED EDGE ANCIENTS (2016-) by Scottsdale Mint


2016+ CHISELLED EDGE ANCIENTS by Scottsdale Mint While we often see new and unusual subjects on modern bullion coins, we don't often see something different in the format sense. In 2016, Scottsdale Mint debuted the first of its new Egyptian Relics series. These were quite unlike anything else on the legal tender market. Available initially only in a five-ounce format, they keep a diameter similar to a standard one ounce coin, choosing to employ all the extra weight on increasing the thickness. There's nothing unusual in that, of course, but instead of a standard [...]

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