These are obviously unprecedented times and for the first time in living memory, for at least the last few generations, we’re totally reliant on our healthcare professionals to keep us all alive. It’s easy to forget however, that this isn’t a faceless force, but a group of hard-working, but human individuals that suffer from the same economic travails, health risks, and stresses as the rest of us, but ramped up to 11.

The vast majority of people recognise this, and the outpouring of charity that has come with that recognition has been truly amazing. Tens of millions have been raised by everyone from kids to centenarians in the United Kingdom, all to aid the workers of the countries legendary National Health Service. The charities focus on making sure that the NHS workers are given every bit of support they need. These charities are not financing the service itself, which is relatively well funded in times of crisis, but the workers directly.

Adding to the fundraisers is the coin producer, the East India Company, who in conjunction with the British Overseas Territory of Saint Helena is issuing a new unlimited mintage 1oz 99.9% pure silver bullion coin. All of the profit from every coin will go to the NHS Charites Together Coronavirus Appeal. Each coin comes in a small velvet pouch with a Certificate of Authenticity. The design has the Union Flag on a heart shape emblazoned with the hashtag #nhsheroes, the first time a hashtag has appeared on a legal tender coin, apparently. Available to order now for a worthy cause, it costs a very reasonable £24.95 each.



The 2020 #nhsheroes 1oz fine silver coin has been specially commissioned and produced by The East India Company Bullion Ltd in partnership with the British Overseas Territory of St Helena. The coin design has been fully approved by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the Royal Household, UK Department of the Secretary of State and the Governor of St Helena and is official legal tender. It has been issued to demonstrate thanks and appreciation to the thousands of men and women who have fought tirelessly for the people of Britain during the Coronavirus pandemic.

100% of all profit from the sale of every #nhsheroes fine silver coin will be donated to the NHS Charities Together. Created from a design which captures the essence of the public’s appreciation the Union Jack filled heart emblazoned with the strength – qualities demonstrated so heroically by Britain’s NHS Heroes. The wellrecognised #nhsheroes is surrounded by the words love, care, compassion, and strength.

The idea to create a commemorative fundraising coin to recognise and celebrate our incredible NHS Heroes was created from concept to coin in an astonishing three weeks, a process which typically takes several weeks to complete. As with all coins, the #nhsheroes journey began with capturing a design which reflects the moment in time or theme. A series of designs were considered carefully by a team of experts to ensure the true feeling and emotion of the gratitude felt by the British public towards NHS staff and volunteers at this time.

Interestingly this is the first time a hashtag has appeared on a coin reflecting the need to recognise the emotions of the whole nation and giving it a truly modern twist. Once the final design was agreed it was formally submitted to the Governor of St Helena for agreement and approval. Once approved, the coin design was submitted to the Royal Ceremonial and Honours Unit (RCHU) at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and subsequently sent to the Royal Household to be reviewed and included in the papers contained in Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s red box. The design was then reviewed and approved by Her Majesty and the process to proceed completed. Incredibly the 2020 #nhsheroes 1oz fine silver coin was approved in just 8 days which we believe reflects the importance of the theme for all involved.

This formal approval allowed the tooling and coin production to begin in earnest. The design then passed through a process to convert from a drawing to a computerised file and engraved by diamond tipped engraving machines into two blocks of steel called ‘master tools’. Master engravers carefully engraved the master tools by hand, perfecting the design and ensuring every element is captured. Two steel striking dies are then moulded from the master tools and each die is carefully polished and frosted again by hand to ensure the required finish. The dies are then fitting to the striking machine to press the design into a fine silver blank or round completing the process.

DENOMINATION £5 Saint Helena
COMPOSITION 0.999 silver
WEIGHT 31.1 grams (1 ounce)
FINISH Bullion
MINTAGE Unlimited
BOX / C.O.A. Pouch / Yes