Two more forms of Gladiator join MDM’s eight coin series as it reaches the half way mark

The sequel to the nine-coin Norse Gods series released in 2016, Gladiators is an eight coin range of coins with an identical specification. Struck in high-relief and with an antique finish, these two-ounce fine silver coins depict the various classes of gladiator that fought for the enjoyment of the Ancient Roman citizenry. Sharing a similar visual style to the earlier Norse Gods coins, the first pair of the eight debuted back in February.

Coins one and two featured the Secutor and Hoplomachus gladiators, the first a short sword specialist and the latter preferring a spear in the Greek hoplite style. The two new coins feature the Thraex and the chariot riding Essedarius. We’ll be honest, we like these immensely. A classic design with great artwork, they do a great job of bringing to life this hugely interesting subject matter. A nice change from the world of mythology, this will no doubt turn into a very cool collection. The only change of note is these are issued for the Solomon Islands as opposed to the Cook Islands previously.

Packaging is of a good quality and there’s a bigger box available that holds the whole collection. Downsides are few, we wish the two ounce weight was used to increase the diameter to 45 mm or more, (a minor complaint we levy against many high-relief coins) and the price seems to have increased a bit from the identically specced Norse Gods coins, but in general we think these coins are bang on the money (no pun intended). Available soon, several site sponsors will have them or can get them for you,  like Powercoin, Pela Coins and Coins Boutique.


THRAEX: Thracian in origin, they were similar to Hoplomachi whom they were often paired to fight, the main difference was the stylised griffin on the helmet crest and the use of a 34 cm long Thracian curved sword in place of the Roman gladius. Their shields were small and square-shaped shield called parmula. They are thought to have replaced Gauls in the arena after that country made peace with Rome.

ESSEDARIUS: No doubt an imposing site in the arena, the Essedarius fought from a chariot. It isn’t known if they were in the chariot alone or had a driver. They normally fought with a spear and a sword as a side-arm but sometimes also had a small shield for defence. They charged their opponent with their chariot until the opposing gladiator was either impaled by the spear, trampled by the horses, or run over by the wheels of the chariot. They were relatively hard to defeat due to the speed of the chariot, but once the wheels were taken out they were easy to kill, if they didn’t know how to ride a horse. It was a common tactic that if their chariot was broken they used one of the horses from the chariot as a mount.


DENOMINATION $5 Solomon Islands
COMPOSITION 0.999 silver
WEIGHT 62.2 grams
DIAMETER 38.61 mm
FINISH Antique
BOX / COA Yes / Yes
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