Murano glass has been making ever more appearances in and on commemorative coins as of late, most recently on an interesting pair that debuted at Berlins World Money Fair from Numiscom and Coin Invest Trust. It was the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) however, that kicked off the trend in 2011 with a unique application that became incredibly popular, and continues to this day.

The first coin to debut was in many respects a pretty standard affair. A one-ounce fine silver round with selective colouring on the reverse face is nothing new in the coin market, especially at the RCM, but the addition of a handmade Venetian glass Ladybug, no two of which were identical, was innovative and attractive. The market loved it and prices rose several hundred percent. Further entrants featured the butterfly, the bee and a frog, and all have been well liked.

This new coin is the fifth in the Canadian Fauna on Flora series and depicts a reptile for the first time. The background shows a Broadleaf Arrowhead Flower, upon which sits a really cool Murano glass turtle. Yet again designed by Maurice Gervais, we believe, if the description with the ultra-limited gold set is accurate, that this is the last coin in this particular series. That goesn’t mean it’s the last we’ll see of Murano glass. There have been other examples, like the Snowman and Holiday Cane coins, and we’d expect perhaps a new themed series to kick off next year.

Available now from the RCM website for $149.95, it’s limited to US and Canadian buyers with a maximum of two per household, although these do turn up at dealers worldwide witheasy regularity.


This Royal Canadian Mint Coin is the fifth coin in a series that pairs engraved and painted flowers with a beautiful detailed rendering of a creature that is native to Canada’s natural landscape.

The Venetian glass turtle was handcrafted by master glassmaker Giuliano Donaggio in Murano, Italy.

The reverse design by Canadian artist Maurice Gervais uses colour to recreate the leaves and white flowers of the broadleaf arrowhead (Sagittaria latifolia), which fills the lower portion of the image field. A floating log serves as the perfect sunbathing platform for a Venetian glass version of a painted turtle, which has been handcrafted by master glass-maker Giuliano Donaggio in Murano, Italy.

The coin is encapsulated and presented in a Royal Canadian Mint-branded maroon clamshell with a black beauty box.

PREVIOUS COINS (2011-2014)

WEIGHT 31.39 g
SIZE 38.0 mm
MINTAGE 12,500