The New Zealand Mints Disney license gets arguably its most high profile release yet, the smash-hit animated movie from 2013, Frozen. Hugely successful, the numbers are quite mind-boggling; nearly $1.3 billion in worldwide box office revenue, the highest-grossing animated film of all time, the third highest-grossing original film of all time, the ninth highest-grossing film of all time, the highest-grossing film of 2013, and the third highest-grossing film in Japan. The numbers continued to break records when the movie hit DVD and Blu-Ray. A sequel is due in 2017/18 that will no doubt continue to surge in popularity.

Merchandise has been phenomenal, selling out loads of different products in sucessive years, so the decision to launch not one, but five coins must be seen as an obvious move. The NZ Mint has done well with its Disney range, Classic Disney has seen six releases, Disney Princesses ten, and there have been multiple themed issues as well. The overwhelming majority have had ¼oz gold variants as well, over twenty of them in all, but in this case it’s to that old stalwart, the 1oz coloured fine silver format, that the NZM has put its faith.

The coins will be released one per month from May 24th at $80.00 USD each. They’re packaged in the book-style coin box that has been popular since it was introduced on release of the Shakespeare coin a couple of years ago. Each coin is fundamentally the same, just the coloured section really differing between them, but they are brightly coloured and bang on subject, so we’d guess these will be a huge sell out in no time. Issued for Niue, they carry the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse. The five coins each depict characters from the movie, the first four carry a character each, and the last has the first two repeated together.

The movie, Inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale The Snow Queen, tells the story of a fearless princess who sets off on an epic journey alongside a rugged iceman, his loyal pet reindeer, and a naïve snowman to find her estranged sister, whose icy powers have inadvertently trapped the kingdom in eternal winter. Whatever the reasons, Frozen has captured the publics imagination in an unexpected way and clearly has huge staying power as well. The NZ Mint have been wise to tap into that.


Set in the kingdom of Arendelle, Disney’s animated film Frozen tells the story of the graceful Snow Queen Elsa, and her fearless sister Anna. The two experience an epic adventure in the mountains together with mountaineer Kristoff and his reindeer Sven, as they journey forth to return Elsa to the kingdom.


ELSA  24th May

ANNA  27th June

OLAF  25th July

KRISTOFF & SVEN  29th August

ELSA & ANNA  26 September




$2 NEW ZEALAND 0.999 SILVER 31.1 g 40.0 mm PROOF 10,000 YES / YES