June, 2020


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Another of the Perth Mint's perennial bullion core ranges, the Koala debuted in 2007, and remains a popular item today, despite the greatly intensified level of competition with a multitude of low mintage designs. As always, the bullion range is the basis for a myriad of different higher end variants, including proof, gilded, coloured and high-relief. It's the last of those that we have here today. Three versions of this pretty design, [...]

Exclusive: Australian Emu bullion series is back for a third annual issue with a proof variant in tow

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One of the new raft of limited run nature-themed bullion coins to come from the Perth Mint over the last couple of years, the Australian Emu today sees the release of the third design in as many years. Like the iconic Kookaburaa and Koala bullion ranges that have been around for decades, this series focuses on a single creature and depicts it with a new design every year. The Emu is another of those [...]


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One of the Perth Mint's core bullion coin ranges, the Kookaburra hit an impressive landmark in 2020 with its 30th anniversary. Not wanting to let the achievement pass unmarked, the mint issued a superb design that had all new artwork by Jennifer McKenna on the reverse face, as you would expect, but also incorporated the Stuart Devlin original from 1990 into the effigy-adorned obverse. For me, the best Kookaburra coin issued for [...]


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The third and last of the Royal Mint's excellent 50p dinosaur coin set is available to purchase from today and rounds out what has been an attractive trio. Produced in conjunction with the Natural History Museum in London, the coins depict the beast in colour, with a close up of a fossil, also in colour, and some un-coloured flora in the background field. The name of an early palaeontologist sits proudly at the [...]

May, 2020

The Polar Ecosystem shines on Numiscollects first ‘Our World’ silver coin, bringing to life Earths great habitats

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A coin we briefly looked at on its announcement at the Berlin World Money Fair, back when we could leave the house and visit other human beings, 'Our Worlds: Polar Ecosystems' was the first in a new numismatic jaunt around the planets various biological systems. It's a rich subject and Numiscollect have created something a bit different, although not to far away from the beaten path.A smartminted two-ounce fine silver coin, it takes an attractive [...]


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Pobjoy has a long history with the trqaditional British 50 pence coin, and while the UK issues are obviously dealt with by the Royal Mint, they've carved out a healthy niche in the Overseas Territories. In 2019, the mint issued a five-coin series depicting penguins. The lovable little bird-torpedoes were popular enough to warrant a new series for 2020, this time four coins big.There's no real change to the design ethos in use [...]

Numiscollect wraps up its high relief animals series with a predator on the comeback trail, the Grey Wolf

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Launching at the World Money Fair in Berlin, but about to ship soon, the Grey Wolf is the last of the five coins to be released in Numiscollects High Relief Animals range. The first of these arrived in 2015 and was unusual for its choice of subject (the Narwhal) and the interesting mix of an antique finish with proof highlights, something uncommon at the time. That part-proof finish was to become a series signature, continued [...]


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We love a good dinosaur coin as much as any coin collector, so it was great news to discover the New Zealand Mint was adding their own effort to the mix. The Tyrannosaurus Rex debuted a couple of months ago, and now it's the turn of the behemoth traditionally portrayed in life or death combat with it - the Triceratops.The big triple-horned herbivore is an icon of the palaeontological world, maybe reaching 9m [...]


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A series we haven't covered before I don't believe, Animal Champions is a 1oz antique silver coin series from the Czech Mint that showcases record breaking animal species. Those that can fly, run or swim the fastest, grow to be giants, or carry great power, are all valid subjects.The latest is the fascinating Rhinoceros Beetle, an insect so strong it would need a human to pick up 65 tons to be a [...]

Royal Australian Mint dips into the continents deep Aboriginal history with their legends of the stars

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Over 65 millennia in age, the Aboriginal peoples of Australia are thought to be the oldest astronomers in the world, certainly the oldest still continuing today. SInce the earliest times, mankind has sought meaning in the stars, associating objects and natural life with patterns they have seen in the skies above. The Royal Australian Mint has taken the legends of the continents most ancient people as inspiration for its new half-ounce silver coin series, Star [...]

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