Women in History – Boudicca silver coin (2022 New Zealand Mint)

By |2022-09-23T00:02:11+01:00September 22nd, 2022|Categories: Quicklooks, History, Coloured, People, Silver, Niue Island, NZ Mint|

In a nice change from the tsunami of popular culture coins it produces, the New Zealand Mint debuted a series in May, of one-ounce coloured silver coins, called Women in History. The first of them was a literal giant of the scientific world - the double Nobel Prize winning physicist, Marie Curie. A great first subject, but women's [...]

Prehistoric Life: Liopleurodon bullion coins (2022 Emporium Hamburg)

By |2022-09-22T21:34:28+01:00September 22nd, 2022|Categories: Quicklooks, Bullion, Coloured, Gold, Nature, Silver, Congo, Emporium Hamburg|

Liopleurodon first gained fame with its depiction in the smash-hit BBC documentary series, Walking With Dinosaurs. Here, it was a supergiant marine reptile, casually hunting plesiosaurs like they were light snacks. Brought to life via a flawed analysis of the fossil evidence, the truth is, it was far smaller than the 25 m long, 100+ tonne behemoth they'd created. [...]

Wallal Centenary Australia Tests Einstein’s Theory silver coin (2022 Royal Australian Mint)

By |2022-09-21T21:26:28+01:00September 21st, 2022|Categories: Quicklooks, Australia, Science, Silver, Royal Australian Mint|

Albert Einstein was a giant in the scientific community, and his Theory of General Relativity was probably his greatest work. Ten years earlier, in 1905, he published a paper linking space and time, called Special Relativity. General Relativity expanded on it by incorporating gravity, saying the observed gravitational effect between masses is the result of their warping of [...]

Blue Marble Planet Earth 3 oz domed silver coin (2022 LPM)

By |2022-09-20T20:51:09+01:00September 20th, 2022|Categories: Quicklooks, Coloured, Nature, Silver, Fiji, LPM HK|

Blue Marble is the name given to one of the most iconic photographs in history. Taken on the Apollo 17 mission from an altitude of 29,000 km, the picture depicts our home in all its limitless beauty. It remains one of the most reproduced images of all time. Back in February, Hong Kong dealer, LPM, released a coin [...]

Moon Puzzle silver coin (2023 Precious Metal Collectors)

By |2022-09-15T20:57:00+01:00September 15th, 2022|Categories: Quicklooks, Coloured, Nature, Silver, Chad, Precious Metal Collectors|

Precious Metal Collectors have added a second coin to their planetary take on puzzle coins, with the Moon. This joins the earlier 'Earth' puzzle coin, which we covered in April, along with a couple of the mints other space-orientated issues. This is a chunky, 60 mm diameter coin of just one-ounce weight. It's silver, so as [...]

Caribbean Sealife – Barbados Octopus gold and silver bullion coin (2022 APMEX)

By |2022-09-15T14:06:01+01:00September 15th, 2022|Categories: Quicklooks, APMEX, Gold, Nature, Barbados, Silver, MDM|

APMEX has debuted the latest in its Caribbean range of silver and gold bullion coins, this time featuring an octopus. 'Caribbean Silver' is an unusual series, consisting of several subseries, each themed around a single animal. The Seahorse was the first, now on its fifth annual release, and it was followed by the Brown Pelican, national bird of [...]

Lunar Dragon Egg (2024 MDM Wholesale)

By |2022-09-02T15:42:11+01:00September 2nd, 2022|Categories: Quicklooks, Culture, Lunar Calendar, Silver, Djibouti, MDM|

We've repeatedly commented on the ever earlier launch of lunar coins, often appearing up to a year before the actual change date, but the Year of the Dragon seems to exacerbate that even further. Probably the most popular of the lunar animals, it next comes around in early 2024 - yes, that's right, 2024 - but we've already [...]

Quokka 1 oz silver bullion coin (2022 Perth Mint)

By |2022-08-19T13:53:45+01:00August 19th, 2022|Categories: Quicklooks, Bullion, Australia, Nature, Silver, Perth Mint|

One of the Perth Mint's many nature-themed bullion coin series, the Quokka, which depicts a small marsupial native to Western Australia, is now on its third release with the debut of the 2022 coin. These are neat little coins, very much in the Perth Mint style, and this year's looks to be a good one, replete with some [...]

Flower Garden 1 oz silver coin (2022 Coins Today)

By |2022-08-19T12:32:42+01:00August 19th, 2022|Categories: Quicklooks, Art & Literature, Coloured, Silver, Coins Today KR, Niue Island|

Producers of what we think are probably the most attractive bullion releases for many years, South Korean company, Coins Today also dabble in the proof collectible coin arena as well. Their latest is one simply titled 'Flower Dance', and one quick look at the images will tell you why. The reverse face depicts a ballerina, her tutu cleverly [...]

Moments of Love Kama Sutra IV (2022 Mint XXI)

By |2022-08-17T15:47:00+01:00August 17th, 2022|Categories: Quicklooks, Art & Literature, Coloured, Silver, Cameroon, MintXXI|

Mint XXI's latest Moments of Love Kama Sutra coin is here and is the fourth in this series. A three-ounce silver coin, with rich colour, selective gilding, and antique finishing, they depict the different positions featured in the ancient Indian book of love.Rather than try to depict the many good pictures of the coin here, we've produced one of [...]

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