Marine oddball the Narwhal sits front and centre of Numiscollects latest silver coin

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The latest coin from Numiscollect is one that should have great appeal to wildlife and nature coin collectors, featuring a fascinating subject rarely seen on coins, and presented in a clever way. The Dutch coin producer has long been adept at releasing antique-finish coins. Indeed, one of my own favourite coin series is one such, History of the Crusades. [...]

Numiscom release a video of the first in their new Murano glass coin series

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German coin producer Numiscom has released a very good video showcasing the first in their new series of Venetian Murano glass adorned coins that we first reported on in detail back in February. Having its debut at the World Money fair in Berlin, the coin called Pink Lady of 1470 is a clever mix of the minting and [...]


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One of the more unusual items to grace a coin in recent years has been the Royal Canadian Mint's use of Murano glass to adorn a small range of sought after nature coins. Taking the form of a small hand-crafted glass animal on top of a coin designed to show the environment of the animal represented, they've proven extremely [...]

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