A site refresh with a new logo, new font, and profile page changes. And updates to guides, of course.

As you may have noticed, we have a refreshed look! I’ve simplified the logo and matched the colours to the social media icons in the sidebar for a bit more consistency. The new one is also now in use on our Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages as well. A bigger change is the new font. I’ve been on the lookout for a while and finally noticed one I liked on a TV show news website, so here we are. I’l do some further tweaks to the font sizes over the next week or so, as this one is a little more compact, but I’m very pleased with its increased readability and more modern look.

On our coin profile pages, I did change the bullion coin page to a revised layout with text underneath a few months ago. Overall, I think it’s an improvement and so have expanded it to the other pages as well (active coins, completed coins, thematic guides and foils), as well as the homepage at the bottom. Each page now has a title bar, and they all have filters to make navigation easier. Site-wide, the colour of links has changed from blue to gold, which also looks nice.

As for the Coin Series Profiles, many have been updated. Some of the bullion coin profiles have new additions, but we’ll round those up in an article this week along with other new bullion coins that don’t have profiles. That market is as vibrant as ever! Thematic guides have seen additions, and, of course, so has the Active Profiles. As we’ve said before, they’ll be new ones coming, although I think the bullion coin profiles will likely get priority. Our PMC and MDM weeks went well, but are a lot of work and take time away from general release coverage., hence there isn’t a third one this week. They will continue in a couple of weeks time.

Our little resin printer turned up and a test print went well, so you should see some coin photos (our AgAuShoots) next week, and we can start reaching out to more mints for samples. A lot of producers still put out truly awful images, which we’ve never understood, but we have seen a vast improvement over the last eight years since we started. Thanks for the support. We don’t get many donations, but we do really appreciate those that do, so thank you. Have a great week and stay safe.