US megadealer APMEX launches a new app for Android and Apple mobile users

Apps for the coin world are nothing new, although it’s fair to say the coin world is hardly over-represented in the field, but US dealer APMEX has now launched a revised app to make purchasing from them easier. This company does offer an extraordinarily wide range of products, not just in the numismatic, but also in the investment side of the market, so having easy to navigate mobile software is a positive step.

Offering over 20,000 products and with all their usual promotions in place, it’s a handy tool for the APMEX customer. You can see more on what it does on their site page, so we won’t say more as it’ll begin to sound like an advertorial, but suffice to say we think apps are a good step for dealers when you have a broad range of offerings. We know from experience that balancing standard web layouts to look at least okay on multiple platforms is hard enough, so a dedicated app does some of the lifting for that. Available to download from the Android Play Store, or the Apple Store now.