2018 DISNEY PRINCESSES COIN NOTES by New Zealand Mint The New Zealand Mint seemingly has big plans for the coin note format and after the launch of Star Wars and a surprise Star Trek, they’ve returned to their venerable Disney licence for another new series. Having previously appeared on an extensive range of gold and silver coins, Disney Princesses are back for a new range of six coins. The specifications remain the same as the two sci-fi series – an expansive 150 x 70 mm in size and formed from five grams of fine silver. [...]

STAR TREK ORIGINAL SERIES (2018) by New Zealand Mint


2018 STAR TREK ORIGINAL SERIES by New Zealand Mint With the earlier launch of a new series of Star Wars silver coin notes, the New Zealand Mint are clearly invested in this new format for 2018. What has surprised us however, is their first foray into Star Trek, usually the preserve of the Perth and Royal Canadian mints, with the debut of a whole new series. Using the relatively new coin note format for their debut with Star Trek is a clever choice as it's about the only type of coin that hasn't been available [...]

STAR WARS A NEW HOPE (2018) by New Zealand Mint


2018 STAR WARS A NEW HOPE by New Zealand Mint Popularised by Coin Invest Trust in 2016 with their range of city-based Skyline Dollars, the banknote coin format attracted a few extra members in 2017, most notably with the New Zealand Mint bringing their Disney juggernaut to play. Now it's time for Star Wars to enter the fray with a series that could do much to expand collecting to a wider audience. There are fewer licences more likely to attract attention than Star Wars, so it’s a boost to the fledging format when the NZ [...]

AFRICAN BIG FIVE (2017) by Coin Invest Trust


2017 AFRICAN BIG FIVE by Coin Invest Trust Following on from the successful launch of their silver Skyline Dollars, Coin Invest Trust have taken the coin note concept into our other favourite precious metal - gold. Managing to stretch to the same cavernous 150 x 70 mm as the five-gram silver versions, this gold series amazingly manages to do so with just a single gram of the yellow metal. A popular subject on modern numismatics, wildlife is featured on a broad range of formats and styles but certain themes do recur with greater regularity. The [...]

SKYLINE DOLLARS (2017-2018) by Coin Invest Trust


2017-2019 SKYLINE DOLLARS by CIT Coin Invest When is a coin not a coin? It's a question we often see opinions on as minting technology has allowed ever more ambitious designs to appear for sale. There are the hardcore collectors who believe that a coin should be round and cleanly struck. In our opinion that's too narrow a definition given that throughout history coins have often been different shapes. In addition, all things evolve, so why shouldn't numismatics? That doesn't mean the design of coins should be unrestrained, but each collector will have their own view [...]

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