One of the oldest, regularly changing series of coins in modern numismatics is seeing its 28th consecutive release this year. The Cat series issued for the Isle of Man by the Pobjoy Mint, started in 1988 with the release of the Manx Cat coin, to date the only breed to have appeared twice in the series (again in 2012). Given the naturally tailless Manx cat is native to the island, that’s not a surprise.

Each year sees a different breed of domestic/house cat depicted on the reverse side and it’s been a widely varied selection to date, covering varieties from around the world. While there have been coloured variants over the years, the one constant has been the proof silver coin. Also available in an uncirculated cupro-nickel release, the silver coin sells on the Pobjoy Mint site for £58.29 exclusive of tax and comes boxed and with a certificate. Available now.


Pobjoy Mint are delighted to announce the issue of another stunning proof fine silver coin to add to the coin collector’s favourite Cat series. The Isle of Man’s historic Cat coin is one of the world’s most famous and sought-after coins and this legendary series continues for 2015 with a new collector’s coin featuring the Selkirk Rex.

The Selkirk Rex is a one of the newest natural breeds of cat with highly curled hair which originated in Montana, USA in 1987.  It is a large and solidly built breed with a very soft coat which has a woolly look and feel with loose,unstructured curls.  The temperament of the Selkirk Rex reflects that of the breeds used in its development.  They have a lot of the laid-back, reserved qualities of the British Shorthair, the cuddly nature of the Persian and the playfulness of the Exotic Shorthair.  They are incredibly patient, loving and tolerant cats.  These gentle cats bring a smile to your face and a warmth to your heart.

OBVERSE: carries an effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Lord of Mann by Ian Rank-Broadley FRBS.

REVERSE: shows an image of a Selkirk Rex Longhair cat with its kitten and is available in Cupro Nickel and Proof Fine Silver.

Each precious metal coin has been carefully struck four times creating the Pobjoy Proof finish and features frosted relief sculpting against a mirror brilliant background.

  • 2015 Selkirk Rex Cat
  • 2014 Snowshoe Cat
  • 2013 Siberian Cat
  • 2012 Manx Cat
  • 2011 Turkish Angora Cat
  • 2010 Abyssinian Cat
  • 2009 Chinchilla Cat
  • 2008 Burmilla Cat
  • 2007 Ragdoll Cat
  • 2006 Exotic Shorthair Cat
  • 2005 Himalayan Cat
  • 2004 Tonkinese Cat
  • 2003 Balinese Cat
  • 2002 Bengal Cat and Kitten
  • 2001 Somali Cat
  • 2000 Scottish Fold Cat
  • 1999 British Blue Cat
  • 1998 Birman Cat
  • 1997 Long Hair Smoke Cat
  • 1996 Burmese Cat
  • 1995 Turkish Cat
  • 1994 Japanese Bobtail Cat
  • 1993 Maine Coon Cat
  • 1992 Siamese Cat
  • 1991 Norwegian Forest Cat
  • 1990 New York Alley Cat
  • 1989 Persian Cat
  • 1988 Manx Cat
WEIGHT 31.103 g
SIZE 38.6 mm
MINTAGE 10,000