PMC tap into the Asian belief in luck and good fortune with the Triple Infinity Dragons coin

Our coverage of the increasingly prolific Singaporean producer, Precious Metal Collectors (PMC), eclectic range kicks off in 2023 with their latest issue, Triple Infinity Dragons. The coin is not one of their B-Metal range, employing a silver skin over a copper core, but one struck fully in silver. In this case, three ounces of our favourite shiny metal are employed, and the coin is both shaped, and packed with impressive levels of high relief.

The overall shape looks like one of three standard coins merged together, with each outer curve formed by the flowing back of one of the three Chinese -style dragons. Each seems to have a hunger for the traditional flaming pearl of Chinese mythology, prominently located at the centre of the reverse face. It’s all very Asian in feel, and a very pretty design. The high-relief is exemplary. The obverse is simple enough, but the focus here is clearly on the reverse face.


Two versions are on offer, and we believe they have a combined mintage of 333 pieces, the balance likely set based on the level of orders they receive. There’s an antiqued variant, and a gilded one. You’ll have your personal favourite, of course, but it’s the antiqued one for us. Of interest is the alternative display method included in the package. The capsule has mounting points for the included hanging ornament, which allows easy display around the house. It isn’t as weird as you think, as the coin is themed around the number ‘8’ (if you look, you can see the coin is formed from 3 of them), and that gives it the purpose of a lucky talisman – popular in Asia.

Available to order now, it’s a striking design and a great reminder that PMC are more than just the Bi-Metal guys.


The dragon is a central part of Chinese mythology and they represent multiple different kinds of important cultural conceptions. In this piece, three Chinese dragons are formed into a triple infinity that can also be imagined as a series of three figure 8s. The number eight is the luckiest number in Chinese culture, and there is also an added layer of wonder to do with the use of the number eight. When pronounced out loud, the number eight sounds like the phrase, “to prosper”.

In Taoist teachings, the number eight is also a symbol of wholeness and balance. The various levels of meaning that are conveyed by this piece are all linked to the concept of prosperity and good luck. Luck in Chinese culture is very tied to numbers, and the number eight combined with the infinity design makes this a very powerful piece of art.

DENOMINATION 15,000 Francs CFA (Chad) 15,000 Francs CFA (Chad)
COMPOSITION 3 oz 0.999 Ag 3 oz 0.999 Ag
DIMENSIONS 50.0 mm 50.0 mm
FINISH Antiqued Gilded
MODIFICATIONS High-relief High-relief
MINTAGE max 333 max 333