Peter the Great’s Russian Labyrinth on a new silver coin from International Coin House

International Coin House have launched a new proof silver coin issued for the Republic of Macedonia. Featuring a magnificent building just outside St. Petersburg called the Peterhof Palace, the main theme of the coin centres around a labyrinth designed by Peter the Great that sits in its Lower Gardens. Struck in 50 grams of sterling silver, the obverse is predominantly filled with a stylised maze design, while the reverse face is a mix of elements more specifically related to the main theme.

The cleanly struck background depicts a view of the facade of Peterhof Palace, while to the left and right are images of Peter I and his niece who continued the work on the palace, Anna of Russia. A coloured depiction of the maze designed by Peter I occupies a large part of this face. We’d be interested to see actual coin images of this one, suspecting the coin would look far superior to this early render (the blue colour isn’t part of the coin, that’s just the mirrored proof finish). Mintage is capped at 5,000 and we believe the coin will be available to ship in the next couple of months.

MINTS DESCRIPTION: Peter I was a great fan of labyrinths. He was an author of one of them, in Lower Garden in Peterhof, which was constructed under the plan of French expert Jean Baptiste Leblond. The labyrinth, called “Garden Near the Pavilion Temple,” is a square area of about two hectares. In its center is an oval pool, from which eight tracks diverge; they cross the circular walkway and separate the land into sixteen sections, in which flowers are planted.

OBVERSE: In the upper part of the coin there is a coat of arms of the Republic of Macedonia, below the year of issue 2017. In the centre of the coin there is a depiction of a labyrinth and 2 wholes. Around the coin inscriptions: “Republic of Macedonia” and “100 Denars” (in Macedonian) and “PER ASPERA AD ASTRAM”.

REVERSE: In the central part of the coin there is a labyrinth in Lower Garden in Peterhof (Russia) with a fountain in the centre, at the background the Palace. Two statues, on the left of Peter the Great, on the right of Anna Ioannovna, who continues the work of Peter I. At the background the Palace. Inscriptions: “RUSSIAN LABYRINTH” (in the centre of the coin) and the “Peter the Great” and “Anna Ioannovna” (around the coin), at the bottom hallmark “Ag925”.


COMPOSITION 0.925 silver
WEIGHT 50.41 grams
DIAMETER 47.00 mm
MODIFICATIONS Selective colouring