Perth Mint silver sales were the only bright spot in a poor February for the big mints

We always expect numbers in February to be below those in January, so the comparison is not a particularly telling one, but comparing to the same month in 2017 is considerably more relevant. On that metric it seems that the Perth Mint is doing considerably better than the United States Mint.

1. Incredibly, American Gold Eagle sales have continued to plummet to the worst February since we began tracking in 2013. Every time we think we’ve hit rock bottom, the floor falls out again. With just 5,500 ounces sold, it’s genuinely hard to see how they could go lower.

2. The Silver Eagle is also lower than the same time last year by around a fifth.  Add in the poor January and we’re looking at a drop of almost 1.9m ounces on the same time last year. If this was September we’d be disappointed. It’s February…

3. Perth Mint gold has risen slightly on the same month last year, but very poor January numbers mean that overall year-to-date sales have barely broken 50% of 2017’s.

4. Perth Mint silver has experienced the second best February since 2013, so there’s at least one bright spot in amongst all the negativity. Even year-to-date numbers have risen, so hopefully this will be the injection the market needs.

Don’t forget to check out our graphs of all these numbers on the blue button link below.

February-2018 February-2017 January-2018 2018 2017
US GOLD EAGLE 5,500 -22,000 -53,000 64,000 145,000
US SILVER EAGLE 942,500 -273,500 -1,892,500 4,177,500 6,342,500
US GOLD BUFFALO 2,500 -12,500 -21,500 26,500 47,000
PERTH MINT GOLD 26,473 +1,216 -10,701 37,174 72,745
PERTH MINT SILVER 992,954 +490,601 -74,407 2,060,316 1,733,220