Mountains, meteorites, sharks, Islamic architecture, Steampunk, fighter pilots, dinosaurs and rollercoasters. It can only be CIT’s Summer Launch.

We’ll be taking a better look at most of these coins in the coming weeks, but here’s a roundup of the big new Summer Launch coin range from probably the best producer in the business today, CIT Coin invest. There’s an eclectic mix of subjects, with new additions to existing series like Evolution of Life, Tiffany and Magnificent Life, as well as the latest tweaked versions of their more gift orientated offerings.

Of most interest of course, are the all new issues of which we have particular admiration for the Steampunk, Fighter Pilot, and Great White Shark coins. A good mix of techniques, combined with the producers outstanding proprietary Smartminting technology means there should be something of interest to everyone in amongst the 18 coin offered. Later today, we’ll compile the videos into a seperate post as we don’t want this one getting too large. Enjoy.


Our instant favourite of the new wave with a superb rendition of a visually striking and thoroughly captivating genre. It’s a three ounce piece, so not one that’s going to be hugely affordable, but with great design on reverse and obverse, this one just looks great. No confirmation on this being the start of a new series, but we hope so.

MINTS DESCRIPTION: Steampunk has become a cultural phenomenon. Having an impact on everything from film to fashion, this subculture of Science Fiction has grown in popularity and influence since it was first mentioned in the 1980’s. Loosely defined as combining Victorian age mechanical technology with modern applications, its unique look can be seen everywhere. In a nutshell Steampunk is what people thought about the future with their knowledge and techniques 200 years ago.

CIT is proud to introduce a coin that utilizes the enhanced smartminting© technology with ultra high relief of today combined with old world design elements that create a coin like no other. Look closely at all the mechanical detail this coin has! The selected gilding enhances the look as well as pays tribute to the striking contrast elements that are characteristic of Steampunk.

$20 (Cook Islands) 93.3 g of 0.999 silver 50 mm Antique w/gilding 555


We were sad to see Tiffany Art end this year, with this quite stunning series offering up looks at architectural history over almost two decades of life. While the original two-ounce coins were antique-finished, this one-off issue brings back the 2020 coin with a five-ounce black proof version, and a three-ounce standard proof. A very nice coin indeed, although we’re pleased that we’re not going to see the whole range reissued in the new format. Always best to move forward, we say.

MINTS DESCRIPTION: The 2020 Tiffany edition was released at WMF 2020 in Berlin and CIT was overwhelmed by the success of the limited 5 oz gold edition. Collectors and dealers have asked for further specifications besides the 2 oz antique finish edition which saw its final issue during that same show. Following this request, CIT is happy to announce TWO first time ever releases!

Both magnificent pieces highlight the architectural wonder of Naghsh-e Jahan Square in Isfahan, Iran, also known as Imam Square. This Unesco World Heritage site is one of the largest city center squares in the world and a treasure of Persian architecture and art. The highly detailed relief honors the architecture of the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque.

Smartminting© makes it possible to combine the stunning details of the tiffany series with a proof and black proof finish. This is cutting edge of modern minting and will excite coin lovers around the world. The contrast that you see between the black proof finish and the proof finish will show you how two different, yet equally beautiful coins with the same design can look! The results these two issues show are breathtaking. With all the loyal followers to this series, we expect a complete sellout of BOTH of these monumental issues.

$20 (Palau) 155.5 g of 0.999 silver 65 mm Black proof 555
$20 (Palau) 93.3 g of 0.999 silver 55 mm Proof 999


A great concept with lots of personal appeal as it’s similar to one I had a couple of years back, that has a large marine animal, in this case a Great White Shark, appear on both sides of the coin, which acts like the surface of the sea. This one has the obvious movie reference, with the addition of the bikini clad ‘dinner’ and is a cool concept. I’m undecided on the colour being necessary, but I can see why they went with it. At an ounce in weight, it should be one of the more affordable issues.

MINTS DESCRIPTION: Ever since the Steven Spielberg movie “Jaws”, the thought of an encounter with a Great White Shark has terrified people for decades! This stunning coin will bring you right back to that movie where a surfer and the shark are the main actors. When you look at this coin from the top, you will see a remarkable high relief fin coming out of the water. But the real magic happens when you flip this coin to the side where you quickly see the true beast that swims just below the surface!

CIT, the masters of double-sided ultra high relief smartminting© technology, brings this coin to life in a perspective that has never been done before! Realistic coloring of the sea adds to the already stunning design and with a small mintage of only 2021 for this 1 oz pure silver proof, this is sure to be a blockbuster!

$5 (Palau) 31.1 g of 0.999 silver 38.61 mm Proof w/colour 2,021


Now this one is superb. We’ve been big fans of this series, since it debuted a couple of years ago and this is the third issue. We were a little curious as to how they would pull off this striking mountain with its high prominence, but Smartminting has risen to the challenge. Outstanding.

MINTS DESCRIPTION: Our adventurous trip through the continents continues! This year we are heading for the arduous Carstensz Pyramid in Papua, Indonesia. Over the steep north face we ascend Oceania’s highest summit, which towers 4884 meters (16,024 ft) above sea level. The Carstensz Pyramid is named after the Dutch seafarer and explorer Jan Carstensz.

In Indonesia, the mountain is called Puncak Jaya by the indigenous people, which means victory peak. The 5th edition of the series, created with our enhanced smartminting© ultra high relief technology, features a vastly higher relief and is even more stunning than its predecessors. The refined partial coloring intensifies the detailed representation of the mountain. This splendid coin in solid 5 ounces of fine silver is not only worthwhile for passionate mountaineers, but also for you – the explorers, adventurers and nature lovers!

$25 (Cook Islands) 155.5 g of 0.999 silver 65 mm B/Unc w/colour 777


One of CIT’s longest running and most variable series based on designs, meteorites is back with another new approach. This one shrinks the diameter to 33 mm form 39 mm so that the metal can be employed on thickness. You can see why that was needed, as despite this remaining a one-ounce coin, it does a fine job aping a bigger, chunkier piece. The impact effect is very neat and keeps this series fresh and interesting.

MINTS DESCRIPTION: Do you remember what you did on February 1st, 2019? People in Viñales, a little city in western Cuba do for sure. On that day hundreds of meteorite stones showered down in the area. The meteorites could be seen even from the Florida Keys. In total 100 kg of extraterrestrial material was collected. So the Viñales Meteorite, the 2020 edition of this series (already the 16th issue) can be considered a new meteorite as it is one of the latest official impacts.

This stunning piece tells a story. A story how the meteorite, of which an original 2.5 mm part is embedded, has hit the ground. And to picture this dynamic impact on this 1oz coin CIT uses the new possibilities of the enhanced smartminting© technology. The crater starts from the edge of the coin and ultra high relief creates earth walls in a very realistic way. The combination of proof, frosted and satin areas let us see what people in Viñales experienced in February 2019.

$5 (Cook Islands) 31.1 g of 0.999 silver 33 mm Proof w/meteorite 2,500


A great new addition to the portfolio, this one appears to do a great job reproducing the photochromatic coating on a pilots visor, aided by Smartmintings ability to get that high relief right up there.

MINTS DESCRIPTION: There are probably many children that had the dream of becoming a fighter pilot growing up. Many of those same children and even adults watched the original “Top Gun” movie and dreamed some more. CIT also honors these role models with a stunning 3 oz, 50 mm silver proof limited to only 499 pieces! One look at this and you will ask yourself, “Am i watching the coin or is the pilot behind his visor watching me?”

This is the result when the possibilities of enhanced smartminting© technology are applied. Ultra high relief, partly polished honeycomb pattern and extremely detailed elements reaching to and even over the edge of the coin generate an unbelievably realistic picture. “Only the brave are free” is the matching statement on the obverse. So get this coin and be your own hero!

$20 (Cook Islands) 93.3 g of 0.999 silver 50 mm Black proof w/colour 499


This one seems quite similar in design to a Numiscollect effort from 2016 which employed a metallic colour finish, but differentiates itself with a new and very dark black finish CIT are calling ‘obsidian’. Said to have a mix of proof and silk finishes to create depth, it looks a striking piece and is the first in a new series called “Hunters by Night”.

MINTS DESCRIPTION: This first edition of the new series “Hunters by Night” pictures an amazingly realistic front view of a Black Panther’s face. The special effect is created by the fascinating obsidian black proof finish combined with silk areas. Have a look on the stunning obverse too. The moonlight let you marvel at the crystal clear starry sky which is the perfect environment for the hunter to start its chase.

Finally, the impressive ultra high relief of the enhanced smartminting© technology and the high gloss scary eyes staring at you make this coin incredibly lifelike. Although you would like to touch the shiny coat of the Panther you better run for your life and get one of these 2 oz crown size coins limited to only 888 pieces.

$10 (Palau) 62.23 g of 0.999 silver 38.61 mm Obsidian Black 888


The sixth issue in one of our all-time favourite series, ‘Evolution of Life’, the Diplocaulus (not to be confused with the giant sauropod, Diplodocus) is another of the rose-gold enhanced and antique-finished palaeontology coins. These are beautiful coins and the series has maintained an extremely high standard since the debut ammonite coin became a hit. As always, a minigold version with a simplified design is also available.

MINTS DESCRIPTION: This year’s release of our Evolution of Life series is the salamander-like Diplocaulus which lived in the perm age around 250 – 300 million years ago. As a water dweller with a size of 0.5 to 1 meter this fossil lived on small fishes and tadpoles. The Diplocaulus probably used its flattened tail and eye-catching boomerang shaped skull to create an uplift from the seabed when a prey was detected.

This prehistoric fossil is now featured on an impressively detailed smartminting© high relief coin. It is plated in rose gold on an antique finish rock matrix background.

500 Togrog (Mongolia) 62.23 g of 0.999 silver 38.61 mm Antique w/gilding 999
1000 Togrog 0.5 g of 0.9999 gold 11.0 mm Proof 15,000


An unusual choice of subject and one that CIT have chosen to expend Smartminting new found abilities on, ‘Loop the Loop’ is a tribute to the famous Coney Island coaster and employs high-relief on both sides. It’s clever how the design follows the shape of the coin. Good to see something a little different.

MINTS DESCRIPTION: No virtual reality can imitate the actual thrill to ride a real roller coaster, especially a looping one. This adventure and test of courage is perfectly captured on this coin called «Loop the Loop», named after adual-tracked steel roller coaster that operated on Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York, from 1901 to 1910. The coaster was one of the first looping roller coasters in North America. It was considered revolutionary at the time since it reduced whiplash.

Despite the safer shape, people still freaked out by Loop the Loop because it was still pretty primitive. These were the days before the under-track safety mechanisms had been invented to prevent the passenger cars from flying off the tracks. The passenger cars on Loop the Loop had actual tires and the only thing holding them on the track was a small side railing.

CIT’s enhanced smartminting© technology with ultra high relief on both sides enables to picture the looping in a very realistic way. Obverse and reverse show the same scenery just from another view.

$5 (Cook Islands) 31.1 g of 0.999 silver 38.61 mm Proof 1,901


Sad to see this very pretty series come to an end, ‘Magnificent Life’ has offered some fine designs over its six year life and this looks to be a good one to go out on. Ostensibly a simple coloured proof coin, the use of Smartminted high-relief lifts this above the competition into something a bit special. We’ll get a guide to this lot up next week.

MINTS DESCRIPTION: It’s about to get colorful! The sixth and last edition of the Magnificent Life series shows a marvelous wonder of nature! Our quirky chameleon with its fancy look has no reason to hide! As a distinctive group of Old World lizards, they inhabit all kinds of tropical and mountain rainforests, savannahs and sometimes even deserts and steppes.

This 1 oz silver coin has a diameter of 38.61 mm and is limited to 999 pieces. Complemented by sophisticated enhanced smartminting© technology, vibrant colors, a cupped proof surface and the depiction of a fascinating natural phenomenon, you cannot help but extend your Magnificent Life collection with this edition!

$5 (Cook Islands) 31.1 g of 0.999 silver 38.61 mm Proof w/colour 999


An old classic, CIT have brought Smartminting to bear on the Isle of Man’s iconic longship bullion coin. Obviously, this design has never looked this good and there’s a minigold version to keep it company.

MINTS DESCRIPTION: The Noble coins have been issued by Isle of Man since the early 80’s. Despite their world-wide popularity, they were not minted every year. This had added to the coins allure as previous issues can be difficult to find. The famous reverse design depicts a viking long ship under full sail with the IOM effigy on the obverse. This year’s Noble is better than ever as it is struck using CIT’s exclusive smartminting© technology!

From the ultra high relief of the ship’s bow to the wind filled sails, every design aspect will be bolder than it was before! You can almost feel the wind when you look at this coin! The design of this double thick piedfort is framed by an elaborate viking motif border design. Along the top of this design, you will see the triskele which is IOM’s coat of arms.

Interestingly, Nobles are legal tender but they do not have a fixed face value; instead, like the Krugerrand or Mexico’s Libertad, they are legal tender to the value of their precious metal content. The obverse features Jody Clark’s portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, that replaced Ian Rank Broadley’s design used in the past.

None 62.2 g of 0.999 silver 38.61 mm Proof 999
None 0.5 g of 0.9999 gold 11.0 mm Proof 15,000


An unusual coin that CIT have issued annually for over a decade, the Ounce of Luck and its little one-gram gold proof compatriot are seemingly very popular. The usual changes to the border, but the basic design remains the same.

MINTS DESCRIPTION: A CIT classic, the Ounce of Luck has been issued annually since 2010. The proven design has changed little over the years and so it is noteworthy that the 2021 edition features a slightly reworked design that stays true to the series’ history while offering a delicate and modern new look. Customary since 2015, the silver coin is accompanied by a 1 gram gold version.

Silver or gold, as a collector coin, an investment, a lucky charm or a gift – the clover leaf coin is always a particularly charming eye-catcher! Did you know that since 2011, every single coin in this series has been fitted with a REAL four-leaf clover? Like all the previous issues we expect a fast sellout of both of these coins. Be quick and secure your own piece of luck!

$5 (Palau) 31.1 g of 0.999 silver 38.61 mm Proof w/gilding 2,021
$1 (Palau) 1.0 g of 0.9999 gold 13.92 mm Proof 2,021


One for the gift market, the cute design is something a bit different, although we’ve never been real fans of Swarovski crystals on coins except in very rare circumstances. Still, the targeted market will like the bling.

MINTS DESCRIPTION: February 14th, a day for all lovers. And the 2021 edition of the Silver Hearts collection originated in 2005 is the perfect gift for that important occasion. The overarching motif of love is captured in this heart shaped coin.

The modern and fresh appeal is obtained by the application of Swarovski elements, heart shaped clear crystals and an illustrated cute bird couple. This remarkable coin will surely put a smile on your loved one’s face.

$5 (Cook Islands) 20 g of 0.999 silver 37 mm Proof w/crystals 2,021


Surprisingly, the only fully dimensional offering in this copious release is another re-issue, the Heart, this time with a rose-gold gilded finish. A great gift for the Mrs whose birthday you forgot (fair enough, Liverpool was playing at home to Man Utd…) A stylish windowed box rounds out this package.

MINTS DESCRIPTION: By popular request, CIT continues the gilded silver heart from last year but this time, with a rose gold gilded edition for 2021! One ounce of silver is struck to create a bulging, hefty three-dimensional heart with delicate details which is one of the most dazzling and elaborate heart coins ever minted thanks to smartminting© technology.

The rosy heart is limited to only 999 pieces and will fascinate collectors of modern numismatics and bring joy to anyone lucky enough to own this alluring token of love and friendship. Be quick and secure your own piece of love!

$5 (Palau) 31.1 g of 0.999 silver 33 mm Silk w/rose gilding 999