Let ’em roll! LPM and the Solomon Islands launch the worlds first silver Dice coin

The release of coins in weird and unusual shapes continues apace with LPM adding this two-ounce silver dice coin to the mix. We can’t really wax lyrical about a dice, except that its origins are not fully known, but date back at least 5,000 years, and it’s an incredibly simple item. Suffice to say, this new coin is an extremely realistic piece with incused pips for the numbers, coloured in either black or red. Fully rounded edges and corners mean this is no lazy reproduction, so we have little doubt that this could function as the real thing in a pinch.

In a neat touch the number five placing instead serves as the obverse, with the Ian Rank Broadley effigy of Queen Elizabeth II filling the space. The coin is denominated at $5 – hence the choice. Packaging looks well thought out, comprising of a large dice-themed box, and there’s a Certificate of Authenticity in the box. Weighing in at two ounces (0.999 silver), it has an unlimited mintage. We suspect that should this prove a popular piece, we’ll see variations on the theme, as there are plenty to choose from. Available to order from LPM shortly.

DENOMINATION $5 Solomon Islands
COMPOSITION 0.999 silver
WEIGHT 62.2 grams
FINISH Antique
MODIFICATIONS Dimensional, colour
MINTAGE Unlimited
BOX / C.O.A. Yes / Yes