German coin producer, JVP Investment Coins  has always designed and released numismatics at the higher quality end of the market, and have been unafraid to try out new things with subjects like religious art. Presentation is usually first-class, and the quality of the strike, usually by Swiss outfit PAMP, has never disappointed.

While the quality is never in doubt, even JVP would likely admit that many of their coins are not quite mainstream, and while they have a history of less exotic series, those like their extensive animation-themed coins have been targeted more towards the East European collector. Now they’re about the launch one of the most ambitious coin series around and we think it has serious universal appeal. The coin we’re talking about here is to be the first of 24 coins being launched in 2015 and the expected release cycle will be one new coin every two weeks.

Each release will maintain the same format and it’s an excellent one for the subject matter. At ½ oz of 0.999 silver, affordability will be high, always a positive, but despite the relatively low weight they’re a very healthy 27 x 47 mm rectangle in size. That will clearly give the artwork plenty of area to adorn. It helps that the first coin is such a superb one, a design that highlights the potential this series has. A look at the spines of upcoming coins reveals some intriguing choices, from early-mid 19th-century travel and commercial advertising, we can imagine these picking up a solid following. Each design will be unaltered from the original artwork except for the coins purity. With only 1,000 of each design being struck, JVP aren’t flooding the market with them either.

As yet, JVP haven’t listed a price or release date, showing the coins as a preview for the moment, but the potential is clear. With some great packaging and the retro subject matter, we love the first coin and eagerly await further ones. Here’s hoping the pricing is keen. One to watch.



One of the largest railroads in the US, the Santa Fe was a pioneer in intermodal freight service, an enterprise that included a tugboat fleet and a short-lived airline. Its bus line extended passenger transportation to areas not accessible by rail, and ferryboats on the San Francisco Bay allowed travelers to complete their westward journeys to the Pacific Ocean.

The railroad officially ceased operations on December 31, 1996, when it merged with the Burlington Northern Railroad.

AT&SF was widely known for its passenger train service in the first half of the 20th century. AT&SF introduced many innovations in passenger rail travel, among these the “Pleasure Domes” of the Super Chief.



Posters are a part of our world culture. This is especially true for the past 200 years. In the beginning, posters were designed to attract people’s focus and attention, however; in modern culture, this craft has turned itself into a respected and highly valued art form. It was our goal to gather the most beautiful posters, which have been created throughout history and commemorate them on a series of precious metal coins.

The miniature variant has the perfect size, since the original sizes are just taking up to much space. This way you can collect all of these special artworks!

REVERSE: The reverse captures an original vintage poster of the famous Santa Fe railway. The image depicted on the coin is not altered, so it is a replica of the original poster. The Santa Fe Chief is the #1 of 24 posters to be released in 2015.  The poster was created in 1931 by Hernando Gonzalo Villa, as a travel advertisement, for the Santa Fe Railway. The Railway was one of the largest in the United States of America and a pioneer in intermodal freight service. Hernando Gonzalo Villa (born 1881, died 1952) was a prominent commercial artist and muralist whose work primarily depicted Native Americans, Mexican vaqueros, California missions, Spanish colonialists, and coastal views.

OBVERSE: The obverse features the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the year of issue and the denomination of the coin.

PRESENTATION: The Vintage Mini Posters – The Santa Fe Chief silver coin comes in an awesome blister case, which is doing a remarkable job in staging this very special poster coin. The front flap of the booklet has a “cut out” section, displaying the coin even if the booklet is closed. When closed, the image printed onto the blister features an extension of the original poster. Every issue of the series has its own number: The Santa Fe Chief is #1 of the series. The number is also printed onto the blister, making this special series a true collectors item. The Certificate of Authenticity is printed on the blister case!


$1 NEW ZEALAND 0.999 SILVER 15.55 g 33.6 x 47.6 mm B-UNC 1,000 YES / YES