A century of Finnish Independence is marked on a new pair of gold and silver coins.

One of our favourite national mints, the Mint of Finland differs from most other comparable mints with its stylistic and very contemporary design. Despite some often very eclectic subjects, collectors like them because of their unusual designs, difference being a prized attribute in modern numismatics. Recent stars have been 70 Years of Peace, Eino Leino, and Finnish Workers. Each is distinguished by some clean, modernist design that travels well even when the subject matter is very national.

The subject this time is one that any country will appreciate, independence, in this case it’s been a century since Finland gained its freedom from Russia. It’s a freedom that has been a struggle to maintain with numerous border skirmishes and an outright war in the 1940’s which saw them fight a brutal war against Soviet land grabs. Today, Finland is a modern democratic nation, one of the best places in the world to live. Something worth celebrating for sure.

To celebrate, the mint is releasing a range of coins throughout 2017 and has set up a standing order system for collectors that want them. Five ranges will be available, the other four being a Europa Star collector coin, and one each for mothers, the tango, and nature. This one has seperate designs for the gold and silver coins. The gold is struck in 0.917 fineness and weighs 5.65g, around a sixth of an ounce. An interesting use of detail to show concepts of nationhood and population growth, there are 3,000 being minted (€529), with 100 examples being numbered (sold out at €600).

The silver is a 10g piece struck in 0.500 (50%) fineness. This will have a mintage of 10,000, but in true Mint of Finland style, there will be 100 coins numbered on the obverse randomly inserted into the run. A 1 in 100 chance of picking one up and these will likely command a hefty premium over the initial €38.00 issue price on the aftermarket. The design is again one of clean lines and a minimalist approach. Both will ship from 03 January and can be ordered now from the mints website.


MINTS DESCRIPTION: Mint of Finland’s Independent Finland 100 Years collector coins are part of the Finland 100 programme. The silver collector coin is designed by secondary pupils Jennifer Tuomisto (reverse) and Saara Peltomäki (obverse). The collector coin has been granted the Key Flag Label of the Association for Finnish Work.

The maximum mintage of the proof-quality EUR 10 silver Independent Finland 100 Years collector coin is 10,000, and 100 coins will be numbered. The number is stamped on the coin’s reverse, and the numbered coins will be mixed into the mintage at random.

In 2017, Finland will celebrate the centennial of its independence. This one-hundred-year-old has lived through love, loss and triumph, standing united. For one hundred years, the Finnish people have been building the independent nation that we call our own.

During this anniversary, we will remember the past but look to the future. Everything we do defines the Finland we wish to live in for the next 100 years.

The silver coin with a nominal value of EUR 10 is designed by 15-year-old Saara Peltomäki from Jyväskylä (obverse) and 16-year-old Jennifer Tuomisto from Turku (reverse). The collector coin’s design was selected by a contest organised for comprehensive school pupils.

The obverse designed by Peltomäki depicts Finland surrounded by the growth rings of a tree, symbolising Finland’s years of independence. The designer of the reverse, Jennifer Tuomisto, wanted to convey the value of diversity in her design. The reverse bears two clasped hands, one black and one white.


DENOMINATION €100 euro €10 euro
COMPOSITION 0.917 Gold 0.500 Silver
WEIGHT 5.65 grams 10.0 grams
DIAMETER 22.0 mm 28.5 mm
FINISH Proof Proof
MINTAGE 3,000 10,000
BOX / COA Yes / Yes Yes / Yes




MINTS DESCRIPTION: The beautiful Independent Finland 100 Years EUR 100 collector coin is packaged in a protective clear plastic case set in a wooden frame made by a Finnish carpenter. The frame is surrounded by a ribbon, and the package contains a certificate of authenticity telling the coin’s story.

The collector coin has been granted the Key Flag Label of the Association for Finnish Work.

The gold collector coin is the work of designer Simon Örnberg. The collector coin’s reverse features a mosaic forming the cartographic image of Finland. The arched shape on the obverse depicts Finland’s population growth during the years of independence.