Videogames have grown from the weird little hobby of the far-sighted few, to a mainstream juggernaut that drawfs the movie and music industries. It’s easy to understand why. Other forms of entertainment generally involve soaking up someone elses vision, but gaming allows you to control the narrative personally, to a quite extraordinary degree in some modern titles.

The history of videogames is something garnering huge interest, and even the coin world has dipped a toe into the water. In 2018, the New Zealand Mint issued a very neat Space Invaders coin with a lenticular effect that perfectly encapsulated the game. Brilliant arcade cabinet style packaging rounded out a hit product that sold out quickly. The mint returned to the subject in 2019 with Tetris, an equally deserving title, but a less impressive design. For 2020, the mint is back with the cult classic fighting game, Mortal Kombat.

The title has spawned multiple sequels (we’re up to 11 now), and a few movies, with a new one of those due soon as well. Originally a hugely controversial title because of the vilent endings called Fatalities, it has settled down to be a perennial favourite in the gaming community. The mint has chosen to go with the games iconic logo and it looks okay, but we stick by the comment we made when the Tetris coin debuted – that they could have done better. The lenticular effect from the Space Invaders coin would have worked great on a fighting game coin, as it would have with Tetris, but unfortunately, it hasn’t been used since the debut Space Invaders issue. W That should have been the series signature, in our view.

A one-ounce silver coin, it does come in the very cool and great quality arcade cabinet box again, and the mintage has dropped from 3,000 to just 2,020. The price is $85.00 USD and the coin is available to order now. We do hope the series continues, as there are plenty of worthy icons in a subject rarely explored in coins.

COMPOSITION 0.999 silver
WEIGHT 31.1 grams
BOX / C.O.A. Yes / Yes