Chibi returns to the DC Comics universe with the release of a Wonder Woman shaped coin

The Chibi coin collection from the New Zealand Mint continues apace with Wonder Woman, the second in the DC Comics range, following the issue of Batman a short while ago in late June. Batman was followed by Harry Potter, and we know that Star Wars is coming soon, as well as more Potter, so clearly something the mint is confident in.

Wonder Woman is a timely choice, with the Gal Gadot movie version taking the character to new heights of popularity, although the NZ Mint has clearly looked to the comics for design inspiration. As before, a one-ounce lump of silver, shaped to the character, and coloured on the reverse face.

Also as before, you’ll either get the concept, or not. We suspect these will find more love with fans of movie and comic memorabilia than with traditional coin collectors, but that’s always good as it opens our hobby to new interest. Available today, Wonder Woman has a mintage of 2,000 pieces and a price around $95.00 USD.

What is Chibi? It’s a cultural phenomenon that originated in Japan, and in the West, is mostly known for its small, chubby caricatures with undersized bodies and oversized heads – also known by the term super-deformed (SD). This is a popular style in anime and manga, and also with the ubiquitous Funko figures that caricature characters from numerous popular culture franchises.

COMPOSITION 0.999 silver
WEIGHT 31.1 grams
DIMENSIONS 31.5 x 36.0 mm
BOX / C.O.A. Yes / Yes