British Pobjoy Mint offers aid to Hurrican Irma victims in the British Virgin Islands

We’ve all been reading reports of the horrifying destructive power of nature yet again with the passing of Hurricane Irma through the Caribbean and onto mainland America, so it’s good to see a mint make an effort. The Pobjoy Mint has long issued commemorative coins for islands that are not traditionally part of the market and in the Caribbean it’s the British Virgin Islands (BVI) that are the chosen partner.

To help out, any coin bought from the Pobjoy website that is issued for the BVI will have 20% of the cost donated to a fund to help victims. There’s a big selection, so if you want to help out, you can do so while adding to your collection.



Hurricane Irma – a category 5 hurricane – passed through the British Virgin Islands on Wednesday 6th of September at around 2:00pm AST. The hurricane directly hit the Territory and whilst we are currently unaware of the full extent of the damage, it is evident that the Islands have been servery impacted.

As the official mint of the British Virgin Islands our thoughts and prayers here at Pobjoy Mint are with the islanders, their families and our Caribbean friends, who have been affected. The Pobjoy family regularly visits the British Virgin Islands and personally know the buildings and the areas that have been devastated.

To try and offer some relief to the affected islanders; Pobjoy Mint will be donating 20% of the sale value of all Proof Silver and Cupro Nickel coins (retail and wholesale) issued on behalf of the British Virgin Islands, to a fund that has been set up by the Islands Government.

All British Virgin Island Legal tender coins can be found at the below link. Any help will be much appreciated by the islanders.