APMEX Shows Decade-Long Commitment to Serve the Hungry

We usually stick to new product here, AgAuNEWS is a one-man band, after all, and time is always short, but we’re going to cover a few related stories now and then. This one seems a good place to continue, as we’ve often bemoaned the lack of giveback this industry gives, especially with regard to the many endangered wildlife coins that came out a few years ago, donating nothing to the survival of the very subjects making those coins possible.

APMEX are a huge behemoth in this industry, and it’s great to see they haven’t forgotten the wider community in which they work. It’s easy for a big company to throw a bit of cash at a problem, but here, the employees actually go out and help as well. Kudos to them. If you want to help, you can visit rfbo.org/give and donate to help the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, and every $1 donated will be matched by APMEX up to $500,000.


A passion for service and a recognition of need fuels APMEX’s long-standing commitment to help feed hungry Oklahomans. The leading precious metals retailer is celebrating 10 years of supporting the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma with a major gift to feed the hungry during the holiday season.

APMEX is donating $250,000 to Regional Food Bank, which will help provide millions of meals to people who struggle with hunger.

“This is an issue near and dear to APMEX, as our company founder struggled with hunger growing up,” said APMEX CEO Ken Lewis. “It’s personal to our company, and our founder’s vision drives our support of the Regional Food Bank and our commitment to feeding hungry Oklahomans.”

For 10 years, APMEX and its employees have worked in varied ways to fight against hunger, including completing more than 1,295 service hours, leading volunteer efforts and contributing $2.3 million to the cause.

“Serving the community is a core value for APMEX, and a key part of our culture,” Lewis said. “This partnership means a lot to APMEX, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with the food bank. It’s important for us to do our part and encourage others to do the same.”

Stacy Dykstra, CEO of the Regional Food Bank, said APMEX’s decade-long partnership has helped the non-profit provide food assistance to chronically hungry children, seniors living on fixed incomes and households struggling to make ends meet.

“Over the past decade, APMEX, and its employees, have made a profound impact in the fight against hunger in Oklahoma,” said Dykstra. “We are so grateful for this latest donation, which shows their continued commitment to providing food assistance to our neighbors, especially during the holiday.”

All gifts made to the Regional Food Bank’s Holiday Match through Jan. 15 will be matched up to $500,000. Visit rfbo.org/give to contribute to the Holiday Match.

About APMEX Since opening our doors in 2000, APMEX remains one of the largest sources in the Precious Metals industry. Over the last two decades, we have sold more than $11 billion in Gold, Silver, and other Precious Metals in more than 60 countries around the world. For additional information, visit APMEX.com or call 800-375-9006.

About the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma The Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma is leading the fight against hunger in 53 counties in central and western Oklahoma and envisions a state where everyone, regardless of circumstance, has access to nutritious food. Founded in 1980, the Regional Food Bank is the state’s largest hunger-relief 501(c)(3) nonprofit that distributes food through a network of community-based partner agencies and schools. The majority of people served by the Regional Food Bank are chronically hungry children, seniors living on fixed incomes and hardworking families struggling to make ends meet. The Regional Food Bank is a member of Feeding America, the nation’s network of food banks. To join the fight to end hunger, visit rfbo.org.