The third and final coin in the APMEX exclusive, and Perth Mint issued ‘Sharks’ silver bullion coin series has now been launched and it’s a good rap up for the range. First appearing back in April 2014 with the Great White Shark, it was followed by the Hammerhead in April 2015. True to form, April 2016 brings us the Tiger Shark with an identical specification and general look.

Struck in ½oz of fine silver and with a matte, brilliant-uncirculated finish, we think the reverse design is the best of the three to date. The obverse is the same effigy of Queen Elizabeth II by Ian Rank Broadley, a staple of the Perth Mint. The coin is sold in tubes of 25 coins, or in monster boxes of 500 coins, as befits its status as a bullion coin. Collectors are able to pick up fewer amounts and APMEX are also selling a boxed set containing one of each of the three coins in the series.

The only change of note for this coin is the upgrading from 0.999 to 0.9999 silver, a minor point but a popular one. This might link back to the Perth Mints ultra popular Kangaroo bullion coin being struck in four-nines silver and the mint simply making this the new norm for its lower tier bullion coins. Available to order from APMEX from today, they’re claiming a limited mintage, but have yet to say how it compares to the 300,000 of the Great White, or the 150,000 of the Hammerhead, both of which remain available for sale.


The tiger shark, commonly known as the “Sea Tiger”, is the fourth-largest shark in the world. Tiger sharks get their name from eye-catching dark vertical stripes found on young sharks, also known as pups. As these pups mature into adults, the dark stripes begin to fade. The skin of a tiger shark typically ranges from blue to light green with a white or light-yellow underbelly, giving it great camouflage when seen from above or below.

This solitary shark ranges in size from 10 to 14 feet and weighs from 849 to 1,400 pounds as an adult, but large specimens have been known to grow up to 25 feet in length and weighing up to 1,900 pounds. Tiger sharks enjoy warm waters and can easily be spotted near the surface in tropical and sub-tropical areas of the world such as Hawaii. Though this predator of the deep is at the top of the food chain, it is considered a near-threatened species due to finning and fishing by humans.

This third and final release in the Perth Shark series is minted with a limited availability, further adding to the collectibility! By comparison, the Great White Shark coins have a mintage of around 300,000 pieces and Great Hammerhead Shark coins have a mintage of 150,000 pieces.

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$0.5 AUSTRALIA 0.9999 SILVER 15.55 g 32.0 mm B/UNC TBC NO / NO