As always, we can’t cover every coin, but fortunately, some of the more forward-looking mints and producers put out some excellent product videos, so here we have a look at some of the recent ones. That isn’t to say none of these coins won’t be covered by us, but many won’t, so it’s a good opportunity to raise awareness of them.

We have the Mint of Gdańsk’s new Robert Lewandowski gold coins, plus a video on the production of the earlier silver issues. There are three videos for the beautiful new Greek Mythology series from Mint XXI that came in after our article was published, and a couple of new ones from the Perth Mint, including the new Lunar. There’s also a selection of unusual releases from Precious Metal Collectors, and more pop-culture stuff from the New Zealand Mint. Enjoy.

A small October round-up of new YouTube videos from mints and producers around the world

Mint of Gdańsk

Precious Metal Collectors

New Zealand Mint

Perth Mint

Mint XXI