Now up for its 29th annual release, the British Pobjoy Mints epic Isle of Man Cat series of proof silver and bimetallic coins soldiers on into 2016 with the Havana Brown Cat. The first coin debuted in 1988 with the Manx Cat, the only breed of cat that has appeared twice (also in 2012), but a huge variety of cat breeds has appeared over the years, many quite esoteric like the Havana Brown featured here of which there are only around 1,000 animals in existence.

It’s a troy ounce of silver instead of the Pobjoy Mints more common standard ounce of sterling (0.925), and after almost three decades of releases, clearly a popular series. Packaged in a coin box with a Certificate of Authenticity, the coin will be available from the 6th January. Last years Selkirk Rex coin sold for £58.29 exclusive of tax, and we’d expect that to be the case here. A copper-nickel variant with an unliited mintage is also available. Don’t forget to say hello to our one year old moggie in the picture.


The Isle of Man’s historic Cat coin is one of the world’s most famous and sought-after coins and the legendary series continues in 2016 with a new coin featuring the Havana Brown.

The phrase “Chocolate Delights” is often used to describe Havana Brown’s. These charming  chocolate brown cats with the mesmerizing green eyes are alert, intelligent, and affectionate with the occasional exhibit of a mischievous personality. A breed for the true cat connoisseur as Havana’s are extremely rare and it’s estimated that there are fewer than 1,000 in the world.

Usually described as a cat of medium size and structure, firm and muscular, exhibiting a sense of power yet also elegance and gracefulness. The two most distinctive features of the breed are its colour and head shape. Its distinctive muzzle shape, coat colour, large forward-tilted ears and striking green eyes set it apart from other breeds.

Available in Uncirculated Cupro Nickel and Proof Fine 1oz Silver. Each precious metal coin is struck four times to create the famous Pobjoy ‘proof’ finish.

DESIGN: The design on the coin shows an image of a Havana Brown Cat with two kittens featuring their peculiar tobacco-brown fur. The obverse of each coin features the new effigy design of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II exclusively by Pobjoy Mint.

  • 2015 Selkirk Rex Cat
  • 2014 Snowshoe Cat
  • 2013 Siberian Cat
  • 2012 Manx Cat
  • 2011 Turkish Angora Cat
  • 2010 Abyssinian Cat
  • 2009 Chinchilla Cat
  • 2008 Burmilla Cat
  • 2007 Ragdoll Cat
  • 2006 Exotic Shorthair Cat
  • 2005 Himalayan Cat
  • 2004 Tonkinese Cat
  • 2003 Balinese Cat
  • 2002 Bengal Cat and Kitten
  • 2001 Somali Cat
  • 2000 Scottish Fold Cat
  • 1999 British Blue Cat
  • 1998 Birman Cat
  • 1997 Long Hair Smoke Cat
  • 1996 Burmese Cat
  • 1995 Turkish Cat
  • 1994 Japanese Bobtail Cat
  • 1993 Maine Coon Cat
  • 1992 Siamese Cat
  • 1991 Norwegian Forest Cat
  • 1990 New York Alley Cat
  • 1989 Persian Cat
  • 1988 Manx Cat




ONE CROWN 0.999 SILVER 31.103 g 38.60 mm PROOF 10,000 YES / YES