Known as a coin producer that likes to push boundaries, Coin Invest Trust (CIT) have long experimented with unusual additions and inserts in their numerous ranges of proof silver coins. Arguably one of the most influential companies in the field, it was back in 2004 that they launched what was to become a flagship range for the industry, Tiffany Art. Since then they’ve constantly strived to bring forth the next big thing and while there are ocassional misfires, they’ve succeeded many times, Mongolian Wildlife being a particularly notable example, and the stunning new Evolution of Life: Ammonite coin looking like another hit.

Launched at the recent 10th Beijing International Coin Expo, CIT preferring to announce new coins at significant events in the numismatic calendar, this new coin showcases the art of quilling. Quilling, also called paper filigree,is a craft art in which strips of paper are rolled, shaped, and glued together to form artistic designs. During the Renaissance, book covers and religious objects were decorated using quilling, undertaken by French and Italian nuns and monks. It became a popular pastime amongst “gentle ladies of quality” in the 18th century and was thought to be something they could do that wasn’t too taxing for “their minds or gentle dispositions”. These days it’s apparently undergoing a resurgence in popularity, no doubt the trigger for this new coin.

The coin itself is a clean struck affair with an intricate border and a large mirror-proof background struck with some plant stems, upon which sit some brightly coloured quilled flowers. It’s a striking look, but we’d not imagine this making the leap to being a hit like the aforementioned Ammonite coin, mainly due to the niche interest of the subject matter, but proponents of quilling may certainly find it a high-quality and rare celebration of their craft. At ½oz in weight, it shouldn’t be overly expensive, and the 999 mintage isn’t too ambitious. Packaging is similar to CIT’s other more esoteric releases and is of a high standard. Good to see CIT again pushing in different directions to the norm.


Quilling is an art form where paper strips are skilfully rolled, formed and glued to create wonderful, vibrant images. This skill first became popular in the 16th and 17th century when French and Italian nuns and monks created ornaments for religious books and

The first coin of this kind combines elaborate handmade quilling with highest minting craftsmanship. Silver relief and colourful paper elements blend to form a floral subject which has never been seen in numismatics before.




$2 COOK ISLANDS 0.999 SILVER 15.55 g 50.00 mm PROOF 999 YES / YES