Impressive Dazu Rock Carvings celebrated on new Chinese coin range

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Coming on July 19th is the latest set of gold and silver commemorative coins from the Bank of China. Like most of China's numismatic output, the culture of this ancient country is the favoured subject. That's hardly surprising given China has a broad and deep range of subjects to choose from - no chance of them [...]

Fat Cats at the Bank of Beijing get a special Panda release to celebrate 20 years of banking

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One of the world's favourite bullion coins, the Chinese Panda has been growing in popularity for many years, and as mintages have risen, more attention is being paid to the various specials put out to commemorate one-off events, usually in the Chinese financial sector. This new Panda coin is issued to celebrate the Bank of Beijing [...]

The Chinese Panda bullion coin wanders into view and after much speculation, has gone metric

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Finally, the eagerly awaited Chinese Panda bullion and proof coins have appeared, and after much speculation over the last couple of years, the rumours that the weight system would change have been confirmed as true. At present, bullion coins especially are struck in weights conforming to the old Troy ounce system, with a ounce weighing 31.1g [...]

China commemorates 70 years since the victory over Japan at the end of World War II

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On the 3rd September, China held its own Red Square style victory parade through Beijing and it was to remember the 70th anniversary of the defeat of Japan in the Second World War. Obviously it was also to remind the world that China has been modernising and expanding its military hardware, but it's fair to say [...]


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Born in Yixing, Jiangsu Province, Xu Beihong (b:19 July 1895 d:26 September 1953) was a Chinese painter most well known for his Chinese ink paintings of various birds and horses. Studying for a short period in Tokyo, he spent eight years from 1919 to 1927 travelling around Europe learning new Western art techniques. On return to China he created [...]


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The People's Bank of China has issued a new coin struck in ¼oz of fine silver commemorating the upcoming 2015 Lunar New Year. Not a proof coin, the mint describes the finish as 'standard', basically uncirculated, and the mintage is set at 600,000. From their website it appears that the entire run has been pre-allocated to distributors within [...]

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