Time for one of our very irregular round ups of coin videos put out by some of the bigger producers. Precious Metal Collectors, and the Mint of Poland, seem to have been busy lately. Both of those make some excellent videos, really showing off the coins.

The star of the show for us, however, is a super video from toldinstone that features some quite stunning examples of the best of the ancient coin world. Many of these put modern coins to shame with their combination of striking, but simple design, devoid of gimmickry. Hopefully, CIT will bring another one of these to life as part of their series reimagining classic coins, like the Athenian Owl, for example. Be sure to check out the toldinstone channel, as they have some fascinating videos of ancient economics.

YouTube highlights: new coin videos from several mints, and the ancient world

Stunning ancient coins in this video by toldinstone

Precious Metal Collectors

New Zealand Mint

Mint of Poland

Latvian Bank

Perth Mint

Royal Canadian Mint