World exclusive. SK Bullion release their first collectors coin with Asiatic Lion Skull in high relief

Singapore-based bullion coin dealer SK Bullion has taken things to the next step with the launch of their first collectible silver coin. The debut issue in a new series called The Beasts Skull, these two-ounce fine silver coins look at some of the endangered wildlife species that populate the Asian subcontinent. First to be depicted is that most magnificent of beasts, the Lion, a creature that suffers in the region because of the backwards beliefs of fraudulent ‘medical’ practitioners that their body parts bring benefits to the body and soul. Complete rubbish of course, it merely serving to wipe out many wildlife species and make people richer.

On to the coin, this is certainly a different look from those we’ve seen before. Most choose to depict the big cats in portrait form or as part of a habitat scene, but SKB have a face-on portrait that is part ‘removed’ so that the skull below is revealed. Certainly an eye-catching piece, helped in bounds by the generous high-relief and the rimless strike. Just the composition is inscribed here, so the design is nice and clean. The changeover from skin to skull is well handled and quite seamless.

Issued for Niue, the obverse is a more standard affair and features the Ian Rank Broadley effigy of Queen Elizabeth II surrounded by the usual inscriptions detailing denomination, issuer, date etc. The whole coin is obviously antiqued – a popular choice in modern numismatics. Packaging looks to be of a very high quality. A gloos black wooden box hold sthe coin and the certificate of authenticity, and it all sits is a stylish themed outer shipper.

A very interesting debut from SK Bullion and they have plans to follow this up with other new issues, which from our early peek, also look quite excellent and play into current trends in the market. The Beast’s Skull – Asiatic Lion will have a recommended price of $185.00 and be available in a couple of weeks time. Good to see something a little different and we’re sure anything that combines the popular nature genre with the equally popular skulls will likely prove very popular. Only 500 of these being struck and as the lion is a popular motif in Asia in particular, we can imagine this one being a hit for them.



This high relief 3D lifelike coin series honours endangered beasts in Asia, featuring half the endangered beast’s head and half its skull. The first coin in the series features Asiatic Lion, a large predatory cat, which is an endangered lion species native in India. Its skin tears in the middle revealing the lion skull on the right. Its fur is heavily speckled with black spots and it has a longitudinal fold of skin running along its belly. Due to its predatory nature, Asiatic lions are often hunted and poisoned to protect domestic animals from the lion’s predation.

The coin bears an ultra-high relief effect in antique finishing that is masterfully crafted to bring to life the Asiatic Lion. The obverse features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Ian Rank-Broadley and is legal tender in Niue. The coin is presented in a matching thematic gift box.

COMPOSITION 0.999 silver
WEIGHT 62.2 grams
FINISH Antique
BOX / COA Yes / Yes