WMF18 Teaser. Numiscollect to debut premium coins in new and existing series

This week is World Money Fair Berlin week and one of the coin issuers whose new releases we most look forward to is Dutch coin producer Numiscollect. Some of our favourite series originate here and over the last couple of years their work with CIT has seen some quite outstanding coins issued.

Coming this week will be a new Bitemark coin to follow on from the shark (pictured below). Featuring the Alligator, this is easily the best representation of one of natures┬átitans we’ve ever seen on a coin. Likewise the new Lion coin will follow last years Tiger (also below). One of Numiscollects big meteorite coins will expand that series and there’s two new coins looking back at one of histories most impressive ancient cultures.

Add in death and flowers and you’ve got another eclectic mix from one of the premiere producers working in modern numismatics. We’ll take a closer look at the Alligator coin tomorrow, with others fitting in where possible in what is sure to be a busy week.