WMF ’23: MDM extend their Harry Potter range with another ambitious multi-layered Quidditch silver kilo coin

Despite a relative lack of recent activity, and the lacklustre showing of the offshoot ‘Fantastic Beast’s’ movie series, Harry Potter remains a giant of a franchise, with more activity for future releases in the works. It still remains a big franchise in the coin world, however, with a constant stream of new issues, often quite original, and even high-end.

The coin we’re looking at here certainly ticks all those boxes, being struck in a kilogram of 0.999 silver, and utilising some very impressive minting. Using a proprietary multi-layered technique, in this case eight of them, the coin exhibits some quite startling levels of high-relief. It’s the second Harry Potter coin in this format, following one depicting Hogwarts, that was released in 2021, that was similarly impressive.

It’s another very striking design. The subject here is the sport of Quidditch, played on broomsticks, and chasing a winged ball called a Snitch. While the coin is flat on its obverse, the reverse face is deeply concave, imparting quite a sense of depth. Harry Potter is depicted in flight, and the images suggest the character is very recognisable, with excellent detail. While he seems to populate only the top layer, he remains replete with high-relief.

The background is more stylistic in design, but the presence of other players, the ring goals, and the many flags, leave us in no doubt, well the fans at least, of what is going on. Everything is antique-finished, which seems to be the de facto choice for this format. The obverse is a bit dull, carrying just the Samoan emblem and issue inscriptions, but it would be unrealistic to expect high-relief on this face as well, given what’s going on the flip side.

You don’t have to be a Potter fan to appreciate the numismatic excellence here. If you like the style, MDM also produce some terrific architectural designs in a smaller, four-layer, 100 gram format. This one comes beautifully presented, and has a mintage of just 199 pieces. We’ve seen prices around €2.3k, which isn’t as expensive as we’d have predicted. A great central showpiece for a Potter collector, who may also want to check out our massive three-page round-up of coins for the franchise.

COMPOSITION 1,000 g of 0.999 silver
FINISH Antique
MODIFICATIONS Ultra high-relief, Multi-layer strike