WMF ’23: CIT keep up their exacting standards with another varied and impressive Winter Release

Here’s just a quick round-up of CIT’s latest Winter Launch using their always excellent videos. We’ve already covered their very unusual Spinning Coin in a post yesterday, but as is always the case at the time of the World Money Fair, we can’t cover everything in such detail at one sitting. We absolutely will be delving deeper in the next couple of weeks, and there’ll be a couple of new Coin Series Profiles for some of them as well.

As you’d expect from the numismatic masters, it’s a wild mix of styles and themes, from the surreal Silverland Wave, to the classic Masters of Art. Their proprietary technology, Smartminting, is evident everywhere, and we have silver, gold, and platinum, and a range of sizes from 0.5 to 1,000 grams.