We’ve updated lots of coin profiles and guides and added new ones

The changes, updates and refinements continue in the background and we’ve quite a few this month. On the Coin Series Profile front, we’ve added them for Numiscollect’s ‘Archaeology & Symbolism’ series, and MDM’s Shapes of Wildlife programme, of which the third (Shapes of America) was first shown at last weeks ANA show. Existing profiles, like Underwater World, have seen new issues incorporated.

New Bullion Profiles for the NZ Mint’s Star Wars range, and the Perth Mint’s Marvel range join the selection, and of our four Thematic Guides released to date, three have new additions. The Scottsdale Mint’s EC8 bullion series is brought up to date.

The silver foil market is still growing, so we’ve removed the relevant profiles and given them their own sortable page like the coin ones. We’ve transferred a few over to the newer format, so there are nine at present, but this will improve steadily. Let us know if there’s any interest in a similar page for minigold coins. Finally the Superguides to the Year of the Pig issues has sits first update in a while, although we have more to do there yet. A Lunar Mouse one will follow next month.

The info page of the Chinese Calendar has been completely redone from its ancient original, the Bullion Sales graphs have been brought up to date, and the Where to Buy page has been updated to bring new sponsors in to it.

Enjoy the changes. As always, if you have suggestions for new profiles, let us know. We’re looking at new ones for specific CIT, MDM and Numiscollect series, as well as Art Mint’s Mandala coins, the National Bank of Poland’s History of Polish Coin, and a couple for issues of the Monnaie de Paris. Thanks for reading, and for your support. As always, you can donate via the PayPal link in the footer if you wish.