We’re having a Germania Week, with new profiles and news, and there’s more

This week is going to be Germania Week, and we’re bringing ourselves up to date with one of our favourite producers. I had a quick look through our Germania posts and was shocked to see we’d missed a few of the new releases. My fault, as I’d earmarked the Hildegard and Germania 22 coins for photoshoots, but as always, we get swamped, and side-tracked. Instead of just running the articles, I held them back for the photos. A mistake we’ll rectify that this week.

We’re trying to do something a bit different, and I’ve mentioned the 3D printer before, so the image above should give you some idea of what I have in mind. The bust is for the Hildegard coin shoot, for example, but it still needs work, and I have some paint arriving in a couple of days. Just experimenting, but either way, the coins themselves will be covered.

Kicking off Germania Week is our new Bullion Coin Profile to their signature series, Germania, including the latest 2022 issue. All the various formats are there, and I hope you find it a useful reference. We’ll have the latest Germania Beasts coin up this week, and Hildegard, as well as a profile of their Allegories series. On Friday, hopefully, we’ll have at least one photoshoot ready. If it works out okay, we’ll do a few more with other coins.

Also coming this week is a new witch coin, and on Wednesday, a new stacker round. Lots more, of course, so do check back every day. Have a great week.