We’re back after a some server issues

Huge apologies to all for the server issues we’ve had over the weekend. They started around midnight on Friday and carried on until about five minutes ago. We’re hoping the issue is fixed, but the cause is still being investigated by the host and I. It’s incredibly disheartening and frustrating that issues like this can come out of the blue and without an obvious cause, but it’s something that will occur from time to time.

It is only the second bit of downtime we’ve had in eight years, so I can’t complain too much, but I’m sitting on around 50-60 coins we haven’t covered yet, and we had a break planned starting on the 17th for a couple of weeks. I will delay that until the following Monday just to get on top of the backlog. As my Mrs said, the perfect crappy end to a perfectly crappy year. I still have a booster jab coming on Thursday. The AZ jab gave me zero side effects, but this one will be a Moderna jab, so I’m hoping the same is true. If not, add that to the mix…

Please bear with me if there are further issues. We will get them sorted. Huge thanks.