We’ll be quiet for a few days after an op.

Hi all, just a quick update. We’ll be quieter than usual this week. Had an operation yesterday that went well, but I’m in a little pain that makes sitting at a desk very uncomfortable. A follow-up on Friday should see it finished. It’s been a small problem for the last few months, but all good now, so we’ll be back full steam on Monday. Glad to have it sorted.

There will be some bits and pieces done this week when I can. I did update a couple of the Thematic Guides late on Monday night (Marvel, Videogame) and some housekeeping, I’ll try to get up to date with emails this week, so apologies to those waiting. Thanks for the understanding.


P.S. Our site host is having some intermittent issues which they’re currently working on, some there may be some short periods of downtime today. Apologies again.