The Wedge-tailed Eagle is undoubtedly one of the finest looking bullion coins of the last few years, John Mercanti and the Perth Mint combining to produce a sublime looking coin that collectors around the world snapped up. While the bullion coin was spoilt somewhat by the distributor of 90% of them deciding to see them all slabbed instead of how most of us want one, the stunning high-relief versions in both one and five ounce formats, were a complete success.

Also available in a gold high-relief format that looked quite sublime, that one was, as you’d expect from a one ounce lump of the yellow metal, out of the reach of many. This new coin certainly fixes that, weighing just half a gram and costing under $60 AUD, it’s eminently affordable and joins the ever increasing number of coins available in this diminutive format. An unlimited mintage will put the brakes on huge appreciation, but that isn’t what these tiny gold coins are all about.

Available from the Perth Mint from today, it’s a fine addition to the tiny gold market, and one that collectors of those will likely add in a heartbeat. Encapsulated and mounted to a card, it’s a classic design.




The Wedge-tailed Eagle is Australia’s largest bird of prey and one of the biggest eagles in the world. Found throughout mainland Australia, Tasmania and southern New Guinea, the Wedgetailed Eagle has a wingspan of up to 2.7 metres, and displays a long, wedge-shaped tail and feathered legs.

This will be the first time the Wedge-tailed Eagle design has been released at this size. Extremely affordable, this cute coin will make a beautiful gift or collectable.

DESIGN: The coin’s reverse depicts an impressive Wedge-tailed Eagle in mid-flight as it prepares to land on a tree branch. The design includes the inscription WEDGE-TAILED EAGLE, The Perth Mint’s traditional ‘P’ mintmark, and the coin specifications.

For this design, The Perth Mint commissioned American sculptor and engraver, John M. Mercanti, the 12th chief engraver of the U.S. Mint. John Mercanti created the reverse design of the American Silver Eagle bullion coin and has produced more coin and medal designs than any other employee in the history of the U.S. Mint.

PACKAGING: The 201 5 Australian Wedge-tailed Eagle 0.5g Gold Coin is housed in a protective acrylic capsule and presented in a colourful wallet-sized card.


$2 AUD 0.9999 GOLD 0.5 g 11.60 mm B/UNC UNLTD CARD