Warfare silver coin series moves from the Mediterranean to Scandinavia by showcasing the Vikings

The Perth Mint’s latest three-coin history series hits the halfway mark with the launch of Vikings, the follow up to the Romans issue that landed in February. The coins in this series are rimless, high-relief and two ounces in weight. This has become the higher-end format of choice at this Western Australian producer, used on an increasing number of issues, including popular culture themed ones.

Warfare is the spiritual successor to the hit Gods series that did so much to popularise the ancient mythology genre in modern numismatics. One of the most recognisable of the ancient warrior peoples, and one that ties in nicely with the Perth Mints Norse Gods series, are the Vikings. Like the Roman coin, Vikings simply depicts an outright melee with warriors in combat very much the central theme. Filled out completely with interesting detail, it’s a nice design by Lucas Bowers.

The coin has a mintage of 2,000 and comes in a themed shipper and a standard coin box. As we said back in February, the loss of the custom packaging from the Gods series is disappointing. Again, the certificate has an NFC chip embedded within it. When it communicates with a smartphone passed close by it displays a panoramic image of the battle scene that can be viewed using 3D VR goggles. A gimmick certainly, but an interesting one at least. Available to buy now, it sells for $199.00 AUD and is available from the Perth Mint or from one of their many dealers worldwide, including several of our sponsors. The last coin is called The Cavalry and we’re expecting it to be launched just after the summer.



The Perth Mint is excited to present the Vikings 2oz Silver High Relief Antiqued Coin, the second of three coins in the Warfare series. The term Viking, derived from the Latin for ‘sea robber’, describes a race of people who emerged from the northern European region now known as Scandinavia during the 8th century. Already an advanced civilisation rooted in Nordic pagan traditions, their growing population probably put pressure on land and resources. As clan rivalries grew more intense, some groups were inspired to build ships with the aim of seeking new lands and material gain.

Viking longships emerged from the fjords of Scandinavia as potent symbols of these fierce and determined people who were destined to dominate the Dark Ages. Typically, Vikings wore light armour in the form of mail shirts, scale armour or just as likely leather jerkins. Defensively they favoured round timber shields, which may have been affixed along their ship’s gunwales while at sea. The marauders were expert at handling swords, spears, knives and battle axes – their true forte. Used for chopping the heads off adversaries, these lethal weapons could also be thrown with deadly accuracy.

REVERSE:  portrays Viking warriors launching a raid from their longships. Charging maniacally through the water, each one is seen roaring fearsomely to terrify their victims. The reverse design also includes The Perth Mint’s ‘P’ mintmark.

OBVERSE: The Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the monetary denomination, and the 2018 year-date are shown on the coin’s obverse.

COMPOSITION 0.9999 silver
WEIGHT 62.213 grams
FINISH Antique
MODIFICATIONS Rimless, high-relief
BOX / COA Yes / Yes