Updates, tweaks, and what’s coming up

Hi again. A bit of a quieter day today while we do some back-end tidying up, so apologies for that, but we’ve done quite a few bits of tweaking and updates to profiles as well. I like to keep you up to date in case you missed something, and you thought I spent all day in a pub downing lager and curry (not in the same glass, obviously…)

On the Coin Series Profile front, just today we’ve added Mount Elbrus to the CSP for CIT’s awesome ‘Seven Summits’ series, and also Hominid to their equally fine ‘Evolution of Life’. The Czech Mint’s ‘Mythical Beasts’ has been expanded with some renders of upcoming issues, and the NZ Mint’s ‘Chibi’ guide, one of our biggest, will be updated shortly with new teasers. Lots of updates to Bullion Coin Profiles as well, with the EC8 guide finally getting its first 2021 coins, and there’s additions to the Congo Silverback, Star Wars Bullion, Scottsdale Limited, and the Thematic guides for Star Wars, and for the Mint of Poland Mythology strikes.

Tomorrow will see posts about the new Street Fighter range, UPDATE – I got the date wrong on that one, it’s the 29th, and a Viking themed coin. On Monday, I’m planning a five-post ‘PMC Week’, letting me catch up with the fine work of Precious Metal Collectors, and that should be followed the week after by an MDM Week, and then another, most likely MintXXI or CIT. New profiles are also in the making and again, if you have anything you particularly want to see, feel free to comment below and we’ll see what we can do. I’m particularly interested to know if people want the Lunar guides to start again.

Thanks for reading and for the support. I’m still well behind on stuff, but getting there.