Updates to some profiles, the lunar superguide, and we’re now on Patreon

We’re just starting to go through our guides to update them all, so if it seems a little quieter than usual, that’s the reason. We use some of these guides to post new entrants to fine series without doing a specific news post.

  1. Groningen has been added to the Twelve Provinces Ducats series by the Royal Dutch Mint. An interesting series.
  2. Hieronim Dekutowski ‘Zapora’ has been added to the Enduring Soldiers series by the National Bank of Poland. Some amazing stories being represented here that are well worth a read. A lot of little known heroism from difficult times after the end of World War II
  3. Treasures of Stanislaw August is a classic favourite of ours, also by the National Bank of Poland. Stephen Bathory is the latest addition and the only one in 2019.

As well as the active Coin Series Profiles, we’re also continuing with our delayed effort to bring our Lunar Superguide to the Year of the Pig up to date. Quite a few new additions already, with lots more to come, including the usual tsunami of issues from the Perth Mint.

Plenty more upcoming. Next week will see a look at some of the new issues celebrating the 50th anniversary of the 1969 moon landing. We’ve already covered a few, but with the US Mint added its effort, it’s time for a more expansive look. We need to tidy up our foils and metal banknotes coverage, which despite having its own page, has become fragmented. Foils seem to be here to stay and AgAuNEWS will continue to cover them. We’re sticking with our policy of not covering aftermarket-modified bullion coins, unless by the original issuer, simply because they’re unregulated and highly numerous. They seem to have a decent following, however, and some of them are well done.

In the coming couple of weeks, we will update our Coin Release Schedules page for 2019. This is the time just before the Berlin World Money Fair that many of them are revealed for the first time. Any mint or producer that wants to be included, even with just vague and generalised information, feel free to send us a schedule at the usual address.

Lastly, as I’ve said before, the site is a time sucking monster and only possible because of our advertisers and donators. It is still a long way from being self-sufficient as a livelihood. To that end, I’ve added Patreon to the mix, so if you like the site and want to keep it buzzing along, please feel free to donate that way. You can donate anything from just $2 USD a month and every bit helps, and is very much appreciated. Just click the picture above, or the icon in the sidebar. Please continue to enjoy the site and don’t be shy in making suggestions to improve it. The real world sometimes infringes, but there should be an increase in the number of posts even further this year.