Updates to guides and profiles for the end of October.

Wow, it’s almost November already, so we’re all looking forward to some time off at Chrimbo, but in the meantime, the endless cycle of updating our guides and profiles continues unabated. For bullion, the final 2022 issue in Emporium Hamburg’s ‘Prehistoric Life’ series has been added, so just the last three to come in 2023 and the series wraps up. There have been some minor tweaks elsewhere, but in general, we’re up-to-date now and looking at getting some new profiles together.

For Thematic Guides, the Videogames on Coins round-up has had updates, primarily the APMEX Pac-Man ‘Ghosts’ range, and both Star Wars, and Harry Potter have been similarly updated, although both are continually ongoing. We still have the Royal Mint Potter coins to add. Our Dinosaur guide is still ongoing, as is one for DC/Marvel comics coins, and another couple I’m just laying out. I’m thinking of producing a few of these for release over the holiday, so you have something to look at, while we’re on a break.

For the normal Coin Series Profiles, ‘Chibi’ has lots of new issues, because of course it does… Also added to were PEZ (I’ll add the other candy coins to that guide, I think), Numicollect’s superb Archaeology & Symbolism series has a new addition, as has the Czech Mints Mythical Creatures, which has now concluded. A terrific little series, we think. There’s a new guide to Precious Metal Collectors outstanding Famous Historical Busts range (our title). We absolutely love these coins. I still have work to do on the Perth Mint’s Esoteric Centres range, which is our collation of their loose range.

As always, feel free to leave suggestions for guides and profiles in the comments.