Ukraine’s cultural identity, and its current turmoil, are used to aid the beleaguered country with charitable coins

The ‘3-day’ invasion of Ukraine by Russia continues past its 460th day, continuing to be the most unnecessary and ill-advised conflict in Europe since the Second World War. This is a coin site, so I’m not going to espouse personal views, they should be obvious to any reasonable human being, but others who have a stake in a Ukrainian victory are being more vocal.

One of those is Mint XXI, who not only employ Ukrainian people, but actually have an office in Lviv. To aid the people fighting for an end to the brutality, they’ve issued two new coins celebrating the fighting spirit of the Ukrainian people, and the culture, All the profits from the sale of these will be donated to support Ukrainian military and humanitarian efforts, so by purchasing one, you not only get a superb coin, and to be clear, these are both excellent designs, but you also help the Ukrainian people in these difficult times. Both are available to order now.


Of the two coins, this is the star for us. A beautiful design in the style that Mint XXI has become synonymous with, it’s essentially a variant of the classic work by Benedetto Pistrucci in the 19th century, famous for its employment on the Sovereign gold coin. However, this is no simple copy, but a fully realised original work attuned perfectly to the spirit of a country fighting for survival, but endlessly optimistic regardless.

A mounted warrior, spear in hand, impales the beast, just as told in the legend of St George and the Dragon. St George is also the patron saint of Ukraine, so the usage is especially apt. There are tons of little touches that elevate the piece. The spear has the gilded trident emblem of Ukraine near its tip, and the Ukrainian colours are everywhere. The ‘dragon’ is also cleverly realised, having two eagle heads – a nod to the bicephalous eagle that is a highly visible symbol of Russia.

There’s high-relief aplenty, a restrained pastel colouration, and one of the prettiest implementations of the Niue coat-of-arm we’ve seen on a coin. The whole thing is a powerful, symbolic work, encapsulating the current struggles, which we all hope will end soon. The coin comes boxed with a COA, and is available to order now.

MINTS DESCRIPTION: The Fight for Freedom coin illustrates Saint George at the moment of fight to commemorate the historical confrontation moment of the Ukrainian people against Russian invaders. The high relief highlights the warrior’s courage as he fights the wicked dragon in the name of freedom. It represents a new interpretation of the eternal struggle between the forces of light and absolute evil. Saint George, known as Saint Yuriy in Ukraine, symbolizes the invincible spirit that faithfully defends independence.

With this 5 oz silver coin, MINT XXI is honoured to support Ukraine and believes that light will eventually triumph over darkness, as in the legend of St. George. And the gilded spear with a blue and yellow ribbon will finally plunge into the beast’s chest, bringing a victory and peace.

$10 NZD (Niue) 155.5 g of 0.999 silver 65 mm High-relief, antique, colour, gilding 333


The second issue is more about the current realities in Ukraine, rather than cultural symbolism, focusing on the biggest battlefield there, the infamous meat grinder, Bakhmut. Fought over for months and still ongoing as we write this, Bakhmut has become a symbol in itself for the spirited resistance of the Ukraine Armed Forces, and the brutal, indiscriminate nature of the campaign waged by Russian forces. Little remains of the city, a sad indictment of modern warfare.

The coin is a straight-up tribute to the current military forces of Ukraine, featuring three defiant soldiers, one holding the flag, standing amidst the rubble and battered structures of the city. In the background is depicted a mortar team in action. The obverse carries a map of part of the city. A timely issue, we only have these renders at present, but suspect the finished article will look as good as you’d expect from Mint XXI. Also available to order now.

MINTS DESCRIPTION: Bakhmut. The city in the east of Ukraine that has become a stronghold of the fight for freedom. In 2023, it is considered one of the most intense battle zones on Earth, where the fiercest battles occur nowadays.

MINT XXI presents the Bakhmut Fortress coin, a tribute to the unbreakable spirit of Ukrainian warriors who are unwaveringly defending the city. This exceptional collectible piece vividly portrays the harsh realities of war with ruins, cold weather, and incessant battles. But above all, it highlights the heroic Bakhmut defenders standing firmly in their positions. Despite the unbearable fighting, they continue to protect the territory of their homeland in the name of independence.

10 Cedis (Ghana) 62.2 g of 0.999 silver 50 mm Antique, colour, high-relief 999