A twenty trillion dollar note in solid silver is an unusual addition to the coin note market

Coin notes are getting more popular and there are plenty of new issues coming out through 2018, but there’s always demand for the old classics. While the new format has rapidly embraced the world of popular culture, this new issue is more firmly grounded in the traditional banknote world, albeit one that imagines the United States having a fiscal system in the kind of turmoil experienced by Zimbabwe, or even pre-Hitler Weimar Republic Germany.

Twenty trillion dollars is a whole lot of money. To put that in some perspective, it’s more money than the US government recieved in revenue over the last six years. So to answer the inevtiable next question – no, this isn’t legal tender…

Struck in four ounces of fine silver, the coin is loosely based on US banknote design and uses elements that are instantly recognisable with the eagle replacing the usual president as the centrepiece of the reverse face. Supplied in a capsule laid in a velour-lined coin box, a certificate of authenticity is enclosed. Slightly different to the rest of the coin note market, these come in at over a millimetre in thickness, no surprise given they weigh a dozen times more than the usual five grams of the new competition. Available now, site sponsor First Coin Company have them in stock.

As well as the more esoteric note with its huge and quite comical denomination, there’s also a regular $100 bill in the same four-ounces of fine silver. This has been an annual release for a few years now and is more widely available. Also struck to a bullion finish and to the same size, this one may have more appeal to those not imaging the US after a financial apocalypse.

Supplied in the same type of giant coin box and fully encapsulated, the price mirrors that of the weirder issue above. Likely a coin with quite a bit of appeal to banknote collectors.

DENOMINATION $20,000,000,000,000 USD (nom) $100 USD (nom)
COMPOSITION 0.999 silver 0.999 silver
WEIGHT 124.4 grams 124.4 grams
DIAMETER 153 x 64 mm 153 x 64 mm
FINISH Bullion Bullion
BOX / COA Yes / Yes Yes / Yes