Tudor Beast’s adds proof versions of the Tudor Dragon as its sixth release in a ten-coin program, with bullion to follow

The spiritual successor to the Royal Mint’s ‘Queen’s Beasts’ series, Tudor Beasts is back with a sixth entrant in this ten-coin series. Designed by David Lawrence, the series is a look at the heraldic history of Henry VIII and the Tudor Dynasty. Each coin features a modern take on the early-16th century original, and is based on statues (King’s Beasts) on the Moat Bridge of Hampton Court Palace, a beautiful building put up by Cardinal Thomas Wolseley from 1514, and gifted to Henry VIII.

This sixth coin is called Tudor Dragon, and is a nod to the Welsh heritage of the dynasty, as the dragon is the national symbol of Wales. The style of previous issues continues, unsurprisingly, and it’s another very attractive, and very British coin. We have yet to see bullion versions, but we expect images to be forthcoming very shortly.

There are no changes to the range, with four gold (from 1/4 oz to 5 oz), and four silver (1 oz to 10 oz) coins in the range. Again, the mint has tweaked mintages on some formats, and prices have risen very slightly on the silver coins. Our perennial pick is back, a two-coin set, consisting of a 1 oz proof, and a 1 oz frosted finish silver coin, but the mintage has dropped back to 500, although the £210.00 cost is unchanged. All proof versions should be available in a few hours from the Royal Mint website. Please use our banner link if you can, as we get a small commission at no cost to you. Thank you.


The Royal Mint has today announced the Tudor Dragon, a symbol of regal Welsh heritage, is the latest beast to be commemorated in its Royal Tudor Beasts Collection. The collection, launched in collaboration with Historic Royal Palaces, pays homage to the iconic stone creatures which stand guard on the Moat Bridge at Hampton Court Palace. The animals were commissioned by Henry VIII to display the power and influence of the House of Tudor.

Each coin in the collection has been designed by artist David Lawrence, with each design combining a unique balance of naturalistic elements with stylised, heraldic depictions. The latest coin in the collection portrays the fiery Tudor Dragon, which was adopted by the House of Tudor to highlight its royal Welsh heritage, dating back to the 7th century. The Red Dragon was a prominent emblem of Owen Tudor, Henry VIII’s great-grandfather.

In addition to a Brilliant Uncirculated edition, the coin is available struck to Proof standard in fine gold and fine silver. The 1oz silver Proof edition features the edge inscription, ‘HAMPTON COURT PALACE· ROYAL TUDOR BEASTS’.

Rebecca Morgan, Director of Collector Services at The Royal Mint, said: “We are delighted to reveal the latest coin in the ten-coin Royal Tudor Beasts Collection, launched in partnership with Historic Royal Palaces. The Tudor Dragon is a fitting tribute to the spirit of Wales, and we are proud to showcase Welsh heritage and The Royal Mint’s commitment to craftsmanship and tradition.

This timeless collection has been meticulously designed and created in partnership with experts at Historic Royal Palaces, and we hope collectors are excited to commemorate the House of Tudor’s history and legacy.”

Jenny Smyth, Licensing Manager at Historic Royal Palaces said: “We are thrilled to launch the next commemorative coin within The Royal Tudor Beasts Collection, the Tudor Dragon, in partnership with The Royal Mint. By bringing to life this powerful, mythical creature, with its interesting provenance, we hope to share the fascinating and lesser-known stories of our palaces with even more people.”



£2 UKP 0.999 SILVER 31.21 g 38.61 mm 5,000 () £103.50
£5 UKP 0.999 SILVER 62.42 g 40.00 mm 1,250 (1,256) £195.00
£10 UKP 0.999 SILVER 156.30 g 65.00 mm 200 () £487.50
£10 UKP 0.999 SILVER 312.59 g 65.00 mm 75 () £955.00
£25 UKP 0.9999 GOLD 7.80 g 22.0 mm 500 () £750.00
£100 UKP 0.9999 GOLD 31.21 g 32.69 mm 250 (260) £2,770.00
£200 UKP 0.9999 GOLD 62.42 g 40.00 mm 50 (56) £5,305.00
£500 UKP 0.9999 GOLD 156.30 g 50.00 mm 20 (26) £12,725.00


£5 UKP 0.999 SILVER 62.42 g 38.61 mm
£10 UKP 0.999 SILVER 311.035 g 85.00 mm
£25 UKP 0.9999 GOLD 7.80 g 22.00 mm
£100 UKP 0.9999 GOLD 32.69 g 31.21 mm