New Zealand Mint issues the first Star Wars bullion coinbar starring the legendary Mandalorian Beskar Steel

Beskar Steel, also known as Mandalorian Iron, was the material of choice for the Mandalorian warriors, used for their armour. Highly effective against blasters and even lightsabers. It was transported in ingot form and as forged it was covered with wavy patterns, somewhat reminiscent of the blade of a katana.

The latest in the ever expanding Star Wars bullion range from the New Zealand Mint is a coinbar that looks like a Beskar Steel ingot. Fresh from the hit TV series, The Mandalorian, this is certainly a well aimed piece of merchandise, and the mint is taking full advantage with its biggest piece yet.

The one ounce silver bar is standard enough, and expected to be a big seller – hence the mintage of 50,000 pieces. We reckon they’ll have little trouble selling those. The beast of the pair, however, is an antique-finished ten ouncer, which is fundamentally identical, but ten times the size and with a 1,000 mintage. Both have the pattern of wavy lines, enhanced by the Imperial emblem on the reverse face, and the Niue emblem on the obverse.

A pretty cool piece, perfectly targeted at a hit franchise, it’s available now from coin dealers worldwide.

DENOMINATION $2 NZD (Niue) $20 NZD (Niue)
COMPOSITION 0.999 silver 0.999 silver
WEIGHT 31.1 grams 311.0 grams
DIMENSIONS 51.00 x 22.95 110.0 x 49.5 mm
FINISH Bullion Antique
MINTAGE 50,000 1,000
BOX / C.O.A. No / No No / No