We’ve often commented over the last few months on the increasing popularity of the 0.5g coin format that we’ve termed ‘Minigold’. Typically only 11mm or so in diameter, you’d think the coins would be too small to hold much appeal, but increases in the quality of both the design process, and the actual minting of coins have meant that despite their dimished surface area, they’re able to hold a large amount of detail.

Case in point is this new coin from Coin Invest Trust, a top-line producer who have long been avid proponents of the diminutive format, having produced more than a hundred of them over the last decade. Commemorating the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare popping off this mortal coil, the strike exhibits some fine detail in the ruff and the hair, much more than you’d expect given the hair isn’t much more than an eighth of an inch across (3mm). CIT have other coins that are even better, the excellent Magna Carta and Ammonite coins being good examples. Other mints have embraced the concept as well, so collecting these has become a pastime in its own right. We recently published a guide to CIT’s Coins of the Roman Empire series of 24 for those interested.

Issued for the Cook Islands, the obverse carrying the usual Ian Rank Broadley effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, the coin has a mintage of 15,000 units and is struck in 0.9999 fine gold. Available to order from dealers shortly, it will make a nice addition to a Shakespeare coin collection, of which there have been many additions over the last couple of years. Prices should be in the €45-50.00 range.


William Shakespeare is one of the most famous writers, known for masterpieces such as Hamlet, Othello, and Romeo &Juliet among many others. He is considered to be the most published author of all time with an estimated two to four billion books sold to date.

His timeless and unparalleled works and poems have not lost any of their appeal despite the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death in 2016. To commemorate this event, this collector‘s coin is struck in equally timeless pure gold. Sophisticated minting technology depicts Shakespeare‘s portrait in minute detail.




$5 COOK ISLANDS 0.9999 GOLD 0.5 g 11.0 mm PROOF 15,000 NO / YES