The NZ Mint merges coins and the trading card world with their new ‘mint.’ Star Wars randomised coin program

Star Wars remains a coin behemoth, and this month, the NZ Mint, who over the last decade has built up an enviable range, is trying out something new, and perhaps more than a little unusual. It’s called mint., and looks to bring the trading card market to silver coins. You can read more about it below, and please feel free to leave comments about it. We’re fascinated to read what others think, and we’re sure the mint will be interested.

Also released are some more of the perennially popular helmet shaped coins, of which there are now around 20. There’s another one due later this month, and one next month as well, both also for The Mandalorian. Also coming soon is a new Count Dooku Chibi in standard and gilded forms, A Snowspeeder shaped coin in 1 oz and 3 oz variants, and a 3 oz Han Solo coin.


What we have here is a set of 51 coins, 50 of which are one-ounce of silver, with one a quarter-ounce of gold. The coins are sold in a black box which contains two coins. However, here’s the rub, you don’t know which two you’re getting. Much like the once thriving trading card market, this is a random chance event. It’s an extremely bold concept, but it is going to require you to dig deep, especially if there’s a specific coin you want.

The silver coins are divided into five lots of ten, with mintages varying. The five levels are ‘Limited’ (250 mintage per design), ‘Uncommon’ (150), ‘Scarce’ (50), ‘Rare’ (30), and ‘Ultra-Rare’ (20). The last level, ‘Mythic’ is the gold coin, with just 10 of those mixed in. The image above shows a silver and a gold coin in the box, but don’t forget that no more than 10 of the 2505 available boxes will be like this. So basically, we have a combined 5,010 mintage across all 51 coins.

As we said, an ambitious concept, but one we can’t fathom who the target audience is. At $299 per box, you’d have to be flush with cash to stick it out to get the coins you want. The value isn’t there either, with the NZ Mint selling single one-ounce coins, often with striking designs, for under $100. The cost for the two coins in these sets come with a $100 premium, and for coins you may not want, it’s a hard sell.

The aftermarket, especially the eBay scalpers, will abuse it, but given the trading card market crashed because of the increasing cost and impossibility of getting a set, we don’t expect the concept to spread to other producers. The coins look superb, to be honest, with the commoner coins being the best, in our view, but it’s a shame they’re not more accessible to collectors. Perhaps a smaller format, or even foils, would be the way forward.

$2 NZD (Niue) 0.999 silver 31.1 g to be confirmed Proof, colour variable YES / YES


Another series like the Faces of Empire, but a simple trio released to mark the 20th anniversary of an underrated animated series, Clone Wars. This helmet format must be super popular, given there are around 20 of them in the range to date, with more coming over the next two months. While the basic coin strike is identical in each variant, the colouration is different, with each coloured to represent one of the units in the Clone Trooper army. The blue and yellow coins have a mintage of 668, while the black is 687, adding up to the year the series debuted – 2003.

Each is as well presented as you’d expect from the NZ Mint, who seem to have a knack of getting it right in this regard. All are available now, and have a retail price of $99.00 USD.

$2 NZD (Niue) 0.999 silver 31.1 g 36.0 x 30.23 mm Proof, colour 2,003 YES / YES


Another helmet series kicks off, this time for the well-liked ‘The Mandalorian’ television series. The format is well known, by now, just look above, for example, so there are no surprises here. Struck in an ounce of silver, this shaped coin has selective colouring. As always at the NZ Mint, packaging is fully themed and well-designed.

$2 NZD (Niue) 0.999 silver 31.1 g 36.0 x 22.4 mm Proof, gilded 1,981 YES / YES