The first new updates of the year, and looking ahead through 2023

We’re slowly building up a bit of momentum as 2023 gets underway, and we’ve concentrated on getting some housework done, and updating a few bits here and there. It’s a lot of work, and as many of you know, everything on this site is done by me alone, a genuine one-man band, so what you see here is literally just the tip of the iceberg. Everything from keeping the site backend (theme, plug-ins, framework, etc.) tuned and updated, the site design (ever evolving), keeping up contact with all the mints, editing images to our site format, chasing information, etc. it’s seemingly endless.

I do have ideas, but time often runs away, and stuff always takes longer than planned in my head. We don’t post over the weekends any more, as it was getting a real grind, and I do have plans to optimise further. We’re covering more than ever as we embrace the new multi-coin round-up posts, and the Quicklooks, both of which are better ways of expanding the selection of coins we discuss than the full article per coin method. If you have any comments on this, feel free to leave them below – feedback is genuinely appreciated.

The industry has moved towards coin series more than individual issues, and I’m fully aware that in many cases, it can become a chore to read about every new release in every series (I know, I have to write them), so we’re going to expand the guides and profiles. I think these are a great way for the collector to keep track of coins in genres they like, and they make updates far easier here. Our latest theme update included a module for Table of Contents lists, which will be a neat aid moving forward, and I’ll update the current profiles with them. The new Marvel Comics Thematic Guide has one.

On Friday, we posted the latest of our Thematic Guides, a type we’ve published sparingly over the last few years, but will expand now the design has improved. That one was a round-up of modern music coins, and today saw the release of the Marvel Comics coins guide. The latter one also included DC Comics, but it grew too large (a recurring theme, sadly), so I’ve split them. News that the NZ Mint is now going full-on Marvel as well, was a factor! Also coming over the next month or so are that DC guide, along with confectionary coins (PEZ, and others are quite popular), and after a long delay, the prehistoric life one. Others are under consideration, like one for fantasy licences (GoT, LotR, Witcher, etc.), and one for the Tutankhamun anniversary. Again, if you have ideas, leave them below.

The Bullion Sales data page has been brought up-to-date today, rounding up the numbers for 2022. That page will also need some work, as it’s getting heavy with numbers. The Instagram module on the front page is currently broken (scummy Meta have been stringing the theme developer along for three months), so that will be reworked a little. I’ll update the About Us page as well, and maybe add a FAQ of coin terms. I’ve managed to upgrade my camera, so AgAuShoots will definitely return after months of promising.

As always, if you like the site, please consider donating via the PayPal link below. I hate asking (I really hate asking), but the reality is that despite a terrific donation from H (thank you mate, you’re a gentleman), total donations for the year were less than a single advertiser. I know we all get sick of Twitch streamers, toxic YouTubers and the like begging, and getting, tens, or hundreds of thousands of dollars for doing next to nothing, but that isn’t the case here. I hope we bring something good to the hobby, and you think it worthwhile supporting. Nobody here is making a fortune, I can promise you. Anything, no matter how small, helps. I know times are tougher than usual. Thank you.

That’s it for now. Have a great 2023, and do please leave feedback in the comments, so I know if we’re on the right track or not. The Berlin WMF is here soon, and we’re prepping for that, so lots coming up.