The fifth annual Australian Swan bullion coin from the Perth Mint soars into view in gold and silver

Back for a fifth release, the Australian Swan coin has become a staple of the Perth Mints annual bullion selection and remains one of the more eagerly awaited of the their many limited mintage offerings. Launching in 2017, the series is exclusively distributed by US dealer APMEX.

It’s a more sedate design this year, going with a more elegant look, and largely succeeding, although we’d like to have seen the swan a little bigger. It fits in nicely with previous releases, maintaining a coherent look through all five issues. Natasha Muhl did the artwork for this one and she has worked on the series before.

The same two variants as usual, both an ounce in weight – one of 0.9999 silver and one of 0.9999 gold. The former has a pretty tight mintage at just 25,000 pieces, while the latter is capped at a relatively more generous 5,000 pieces. There will assuredly be a plethora of numismatic variants (proof, high-relief, etc.) released as the year goes on, It’s up on APMEX as a pre-alert, so not actually available to buy right now, but obviously very soon.

DENOMINATION $1 AUD (Australia) $100 AUD (Australia)
COMPOSITION 0.9999 silver 0.9999 gold
WEIGHT 31.1 grams 31.1 grams
DIMENSIONS 40.9 mm 32.6 mm
FINISH Brilliant uncirculated Brilliant uncirculated
MINTAGE 25,000 5,000
BOX / C.O.A. No / No No / No